First Phase of Fantasyland to open


An update on the opening

First part of the new Fantasyland opening set for March, closing date announced for Snow White’s ride - Orlando Attractions Magazine


Very exciting! I can’t wait too see the whole thing done in 2013.:heart:


I am secretly hoping for a pre opening test for DUMbo in 2 weeks, with my family.


Well, at least we’ll get a small glimpse in April.


Yayyy…not that we will go on Dumbo, but it will be great to see some of the “new stuff”!!


I’m SO glad some stuff will be open when we go. I was worried there would be delays and we wouldn’t get to see any of it!


This is so exciting. So glad they did not get rid of Goofy’s Barnstormer!


I can’t believe it is already starting to open! Although, I am really, really sad Snow White is closing I am really excited to see the new stuff too!


Me too! I love SWSA although it isn’t really that scary!!
Always sad when a ride is closed but at least we have all the new stuff to look forward to! :laugh:


Us too. It was really hard to cancel our trip during Spring Break after DH had given me the green light to book it but I want to wait until Fantasyland is complete so I can take it all in at once.


I am super excited for this too! I think I am the only one ok with SWSA closing! My ds HATED it so much that when we walk by the building he would get nervous!



Is SWSA closing for good?


Yes, it will be replaced with Princess Fairytale Hall. It will be the new meet & greet area for the Princesses.


Yes. Big disappointment. I know it’s not the most popular ride, but it is an original creation by Walt himself.


The parks need more meet and greet areas:laugh:


I will miss Snow White. I realize it is a simple ride but to me it is a classic in its own way. And I agree, do we really need more meet and greet areas? Come on, you can practically have a princess sit in your lap for the right price anymore. :laugh:

I am excited that we arrive late on March 30th so we may see some of the new Fantasyland!