First ride suggestions for MK


Ok DC’ers, I’m down to 7 days until my first trip to WDW! Our first full day will be spent at MK and I want you to tell me THE BEST ride I have to do first. I am a coaster freak, (grew up going to Cedar Point) so any thrill ride is fine with me!

We’re going to all the parks on our visit, so you can give me ideas for the other parks too.



How old are the kids?

The single biggest bottle neck at MK is Dumbo the Flying Elephant. The line can reach over an hour for a 90 second ride. And no Fast Pass.

If you’re kids are pre-schoolers, they will fixate on this ride due to it’s visual appeal. Therefore, have your kids at rope drop and head straight to Dumbo. Then head for the other attractions.

If your kids are older than preschool, head to Splash Mt. If they’re teens, go to Space Mt.


Splash Mountain! It’s fun for everyone!


Sounds like a great plan, Cavey. We went on Splash first thing in the morning two different days this past summer nad there was NO ONE in sight either time. Everyone else was headed to a different ride so we enjoyed the quiet walk through Frontierland.


I usually go on either Space Mountain or Splash Mountain first & then try to fastpass as much as possible!! Have fun, no matter what you choose it will be absolutely magical!


Before children we always headed to the left and went straight to Splash Mountain…now my 3 1/2 year old already knows the lay out of the park and if we head in any direction besides right - he tells us we are going the WRONG way!! He HAS to do Dumbo first every time we enter the park period. So much for being the parents and heads of the household!!! You also asked about other parks - I will just say what my 1 favorite ride is in each park (like you care!!! :pinch: ) and my son’s - don’t know how old you kids are but just to give a child’s perspective:

MK: Me/ Splash Mountain :mickey: DS/ Dumbo-Peter Pan (tie)
AK: Me / Kali River Rapids :mickey: DS/ Rifiki’s Planet Watch
Epcot: Me / Universe of Energy :mickey: DS/ Figment
MGM: Me/ TOT :mickey: DS/ Lights…Motorcars stunt show thing


I never thought about this before, but now that you have mentioned it, I see a pattern of us always going on Aladin’s Magic Carpet ride first. Its just a wonderful feeling making the carpet go as high as possible, being able to see MK from up top, with the wind blowing in your hair. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.


We love this ride too - The Camel is the best!!! :tongue:


Since you’re a coaster freak, at MK, Space Mountain would be a great choice for you…but who else will be going with you? If you have young children, any of the FantasyLand rides already mentioned would be a good bet.

Since you mentioned other parks, I think that at Epcot, Soarin’ is the ride to go on first if you can. If not, definately make its fastpass kiosk your first stop when you get to the park. Others you’d enjoy would probably be Mission Space and Test Track. If you have children, depending on their ages, Mission Space may not be the best choice for them though.

At MGM, if you need to feed your coaster fix, make Rock N Roller Coaster your first stop. For the kids, don’t forget Playhouse Disney or Voyage of the Little Mermaid (both live shows) if they’re younger. Teens would love RNRC and Tower of Terror.

At Animal Kingdom, since Expedition Everest won’t be open yet, try Dinosaur! for thrills , but your first ride should definately be Kilamanjaro Safaris.

Other than that, there are so many attractions that you’ll love…can hardly wait to read your first trip report! Have a great trip


At MK, our first choice is always Space Mountain. It is nothing like the rides at Cedar Point, but it is still a fun classic. Plus, Buzz is right next door, and our DS is a Buzz fanatic.


I let ds decided and he picks Buzz Lightyear.
Do you have the Unofficial Guide to Disney World? I got all my best ride planning tips from there.


We have quite an age range in our group. Our DS is 9, but doesn’t like roller coasters (picks that up from Dad) and we have 5 yr old twin girls, one of whom inherited my coaster gene (whew!) She’s not quite tall enough to ride the big rides like RnR, but she wants to ride as much as possible. We also have Grandma and Grandpa going, and I don’t see them riding anything wild. I’m pretty much on my own with the big rides, but they know this and I figure I can jump into the single line on some rides.

Can adults ride Dumbo, or is it just for kids? Why don’t they do FP for this one?


Of course adults can ride it, and what adult wouldn’t want to?

As for why they don’t do FP, I’m not sure, but I imagine it has something to do with the fact that it’s one of those rides that has a fixed number of vehicles. They can’t add or subtract ride vehicles (Dumbos) to the ride like they can add say boats for IASW.


I do, and I’ve been highliting and quick tabing it. I’ve printed a bunch of helpful hints off the internet (where the best vantage points are for parades, great places to take a break, etc) and I’ve organized them by what day we’re doing what park. I’m pretty sick, huh? I figure I’m at the right place though!


Oh yeah, here at Disney Central you’re among thousands of other Disney sicko’s :tongue:


well, if you’re a thrill seeker, i suggest space mountain. i get a good thrill out of going on that ride when we go to MK. splash mountain is a good thrill ride, too. so is big thunder railroad mountain. that’s a fun ride. tea cups is, i think, a good thrill ride. if you get a good spin out of it, you’ll have a lot of fun.


Here just look at these and you can try them before you ride them. :wink:

Click here then click on Walt Disney World:,0,937431.teaser?coll=go2-disney-utility

Lots of Downloads here:

As for me …I like the monorail…weeeeeeeeeeeeeee :tongue: :tongue: :tongue: :tongue:


We always head for space mountain or haunted mansion. It depends on lil brer’s mood. Last trip, it was HM. Trip last oct., it was space mountain. You never know with her. She’s fickle, you know.


Only 7 days to go… how exciting.
My first ride would be Splash Mountain.


It has always been a tradition since I was a little boy. We always ride It’s a Small World when we arrive. It is also the last thing we ride the day that we leave.