First stay at Coronado Springs!


Well, it looks like I am going to get to cross another resort off my list - just booked the Coronado Springs for an unexpected trip during the Food and Wine Festival!

My parents had used DVC points to book a room in London this summer as part of a larger trip to Ireland and the UK but they have decided not to go. The points had to be used by November for either RCI or the Disney Collection so we decided to take a quick trip to check out the Food and Wine Festival.

We had hoped to stay at the Yacht Club but didn’t have enough points so Coronado it is! I am excited to explore a new resort!


Hey Karen,

Coronado isn’t a bad resort. I know they’ve always called it the “Conventioner’s Resort” but we stayed there for our first ever trip to Disney and loved it. We barely noticed all the guys in suits and the briefcases :laugh:

Hope you have a terrific trip. Food and Wine Fest is a great reason for a trip.


You will love it- it is Disney after all. Clean, and it was quiet when we were there… As always, it is fun. Have a great trip!


Have fun on your resort explorations!


No more conventioneers than you’ll see walking back and forth between Yacht/Beach and the Dolphin, and a lot less expensive too.
CSR works for me, especially if you can get into Casitas 2 or 3.


[QUOTE=Soundgod;1039150]No more conventioneers than you’ll see walking back and forth between Yacht/Beach and the Dolphin, and a lot less expensive too.
CSR works for me, especially if you can get into Casitas 2 or 3.[/QUOTE]I agree. It’s my favorite resort.

Have a great trip!!


Thanks for the location recommendation, soundgod!


The reason for the section I suggest (and I really ought to stop before this trick gets too widely known) is that those buildings are about roughly in the middle of the first and last bus stop so that when you go to the parks, you walk to the main building (Stop 1) which is the last stop in CSR before heading to the parks and when you come back, you get off at Stop 2, which is the first stop and have a short walk back to your room.


You’re right Doug… i never thought about the Yacht & Dolphin


The Contemporary also has an active convention center and to a lesser extent The Boardwalk Inn.


You’ll love it there . . . it’s my second favorite after AKL! :heart:


Or if you get on at stop 2 (which is the 1st stop)your sure to have a seat


Brit, I often give up my seat as soon as the bus is filling anyway, so the quicker the bus gets where it’s going the better for me. Plus, if I’m getting on a bus heading for the parks, I am rested enough to stand. That and I grew up a strap hanger commuting into NYC from North Jersey. In fact, I learned to hang on on the subway when I was even younger and tall enough to reach.


As an everyday MBTA commuter in Boston, I often forget that a fair amount of WDW visitors are not used to using forms of public transportation regularly and can never understand why so many people seem to flail about on the buses. As a result, I usually end up giving up my seat as well for everyone’s safety!


I totally agree! I use the CTA here in Chicago and ride the “EL” and I guess I just assumed that everyone used public transportation. I would actually get annoyed when people would stumble onto me then my mom pointed out that not everyone is used to riding the bus!

I always gave up my seat for the elderly or a mom holding a baby. Even on my public transportation.



Another trip to the world is always great! I can’t wait to see pics when you do go.


Karen and Lisa, we are from cities with extensive rail transit systems as well as buses that are heavily used. People from Toronto and Montreal are part of that fraternity as well.
Down here in South Florida, things are so spread out that buses are next to worthless unless you simply don’t have a car and the one rapid transit rail line is still lightly used.
That means a lot of the skills that are second nature to us are strange things to most Americans these days. I know for me, taking Disney Transport (in all its forms) is second nature. A lot of these people are also unaware of Newton’s laws, especially “a body in motion tends to stay in motion until it is acted upon by another body”. These are also the people that get into trouble when they rent boats.


Okay, can you tell I’m still a DVC newbie. Coronado Springs is not a DVC resort. How are you able to use points for that?


Glad to hear Coronado Springs is a good resort choice. That is the resort we are planning for our next trip!


Have a great trip!