"First thing" tradition


What is your “first thing” to do when you get in the parks? For some, it is a ride, for others, it is a particular food item (Dole Whip), what is it for you?

For us, every time, first thing is the Haunted Mansion. We can gauge our whole trip by standing in that line and being so excited to see the “foyer” and having the ghost hitch a ride with us.


First Park for us is MK and there the first thing is turning left at the hub and head towards Splash Mountain along the way take in the sounds, sights, smells.


We usually walk through the castle and right to Fantasyland. Our yougest kids are 7 and 10. Dumbo ride, usually!


Well for the 4 of 5 family members its getting fast passes
for our DD who is a self proclaimed princess and lifes goal is to become cinderella hers is crying when we 1st walk through the under pass and she sees the castle.

It usually starts when she sees the castle in the distance from either the monorail or bus


Mine is to just take a deep breath and let it all sink in…


Walking down toward the Castle in MK! Brings tears to my eyes every time!


We have nothing set in stone, other than the fact that when staying at AKL, the first thing the boys do is head on over to the Mara for some comfort food. They would eat there every single meal if they had the chance.


We go to the MK, and we head to CP for breakfast, then we head to Dumbo after breakfast…

SO MUCH FUN! For the whole family.


Ours is more of a final thing. We make sure we are in MK for Wishes and close the park on our last night.


At HS we always get a coffee and a Bagel at the little cafe stop near the Brown Derby.


Same here Iris. Talk about the sounds, I have a hard time not dancing to that beat as we go over the bridge. Love it! :heart:


I love the sounds at WDW. LOVE. When I am away, that is what I remember. Music, laughter, squeals of delight. (ok, nobody says that I might make these noises…) Love the atmosphere… So fun!


So true. I have a wind chime out of bamboo. It sounds just like when you walk across that bridge to Adventureland. Ask lovemysons, she’s heard it :blush:


Yes of course, the atmosphere and hearing you squeal - another world :laugh::laugh:


Head for Tomorrowland right away, unless we’re looking in Uptown Jewlers on the way.
In Epcot, there isn’t any one thing to do right away.
DHS - Star Tours, ToT, or RnRCoaster, depending on which has the shortest waits.
AK - Everest


ME TOO!!! I love the WDW sounds. For my wife and my 10th anniversary a few years ago we got a park view room at the Grand Floridian. From our balcony, I could literally hear the dog’s howling of the Haunted Mansion. That made my trip and I sat out on that balcony every time we were at the room watching the boats, listening to the dogs, and loving the castle view.


Our very first thing we always do is as we are driving under the Welcome to Walt Disney World we all start yelling and going crazy. We are just so excited to be there, on property, with the real world left right there at that spot. I always tear up to hear my entire family so happy and carefree! Especially DH who has always worked to hard to get us there and to see the real world problems just melt off him.


Getting that first picture on the photopass!


I always leave choice of park up to either dh or the dds - so it depends on who gets to choose. If it’s oldest dd we head to the Studios and right to R n’ RC and Tower of Terror. Younger dd is like the wind - blows all different ways, so I don’t know where we’ll wind up. DH always wants to do AK first and the Safari. For me - it doesn’t have to be a park - just passing the front gates to the World are enough for me - and I love hearing “Welcome Home” from the security guard at whatever DVC we’re staying at - and if it’s OKW, then it’s the best ever!


We usually arrive at about 6am. So, we check in, leave our luggage, use lobby bathrooms to freshen up, catch a bus and head to Chef Mickey’s and then to MK until text that room is ready.