First time at MNSSHP


This will be our first time at MNSSHP, any tips on what not to miss? DS is 12!! Thanks guys.:biggrin:


Its our first time as well. What we are doing is having dinner before we get there. I plan on getting there at 4 or maybe 2 and just stay till it starts. I don’t think we will focus on the rides just the party. Are you dressing up?


Do NOT miss the parade or Hallowishes! Even if you’re tempted to go on more rides. Stop what you’re doing to see both of them. They are well worth your time.


This will be our first trip for it also…I think the two girls will dress up but it will be in an outfit that will work for walking, riding and all also…We are looking forward to the parade shows and all the other stuff more than rides. We will do another day or two at MK for all the rides…


So much to do, and you can do it all in a night. Don’t miss Mickey’s “Boo-to-you” parade. It is the best!! Happy Hallo-Wishes fire works are spectacular. It is fun to stop by the dance parties and the Villain’s Mix & Mingle is a lot of fun (hang around after the show, as some of the characters come out and mingle with the crowd. The Trick-or-Treat candy stations are also a must. We give all of our candy to a friend of ours who is an RN at Celebration hospital… she brings it in and gives it to the patients & families. You can do major attractions and walk on to most of them.


This will be out first time also. We are thinking of going after dinner. And I’m thinking I’ll be properly attired.


My advice…take the day easy…go to a nice early dinner and stay at MK all night long! Do not miss Hallowishes and the parade! Our favorite part was trick or treating (even though we were adults and not dressed up) and we rode Splash Mountain four times in a row without getting off! The lines were non-existent!


Villians Mix and Mingle is a must. You can get some of the Villians to sign autographs and get photo’s. I agree about the rides. You can go on them anytime, do not miss the parade. Do not miss the parade. Do not miss the parade.
Trick or Treating is cool, and the lines move some what quick. Enjoy! :cool:


Will two senior citizens look foolish trick or treating?:redface: We plan on giving the candy to some friends of ours who volunteer for Ronald McDonalds House. It’ll be our first time too and don’t want to look stupid right off the bat. Do they hand out bags or do you bring your own? We’re more excited for the party than we are to the whole trip. :happy:


Hallow-wishes is unreal. Nothing like I have ever seen. MAKE SURE YOU SEE IT!

Take advantage of the short lines to the rides BUT do not miss the rare character meetings. If you have to choose, pick the characters - its not the same ol’ Fab 5. We met Timon, Jessie and Bulls eye, Queen of Hearts, Snow White and ALL 7 dwarves, Baloo, and they have a Villans spot in front of the castle.

Also, take a break that day. We went to MK for opening ceremony and did a bunch of rides b/c the park is always near empty druing the day of event nights. Went back to the resort after we ate lunch at Caseys Corner (yum!). We “Made” the 4 yo take a nap. Did dinner at Chef Mickeys then headed over to the party at 6pm. DS was well rested and in turn extremely happy and enjoyed all the party had to offer. We were some of the last to exit the park!




Not only is it totally cool for “two senior citizens” to trick or treat it is even better if you dress up. NO ONE is out of place at the MK espically the MNSSHP. Also that is so nice what you want to do with your candy that if you mention it at the trick or treat stops you may get an extra pinch of candy in your bag!

They do supply you with a bag. Ours from last year was a promo bag for the new Tinkerbell movie but it did the trick. We did see some kids with their own from home bags. Next year when we go I am going to make bags for all the kids that are going. (in our group not the whole park LOL)

Anyway, have fun Trick or Treating…You will have a blast!



Yes, dressing up is for everyone, young and old alike. Now, be comfortable, but be cute! Even halloween t-shirts or any of the character t-shirts from The Nightmare Before Christmas (they have lots of those in the parks and on to get into the spirit really makes a big difference in how much fun you will have. My DH NEVER dresses up and he has gone as Prince Charming and as the cutest pirate you will ever see, and he had a blast! The CM’s are so complimentary and make you feel like you might feel out of place if you hadn’t dressed up!

Some of my favorite rides for the party included Pirates of the Carribean and Space Mountain…but SM will be closed when we are there for the party this year…our first year the CMs at SM let us go thru the back way from the end of the ride to the area where the line splits in two to get back on…they said because we were all dressed up and in the spirit…LOL.

The characters are great during this party, the dance parties, especially for the little ones are a must, and of course, you may like the parade so much the first time that you want to see it the second time around. Best viewing areas: right in front of the castle stage! and at the square right inside the gates (if you can wait that long to see it!!!)


I think DS is but it will probably depend on how hot it is that day,I’ll pack a Halloween T-shirt just in case! We have dinner at Kona Cafe at 5:00 for that night, When will you be there? We will be there Sept.26 - Oct.4.


Sounds like a plan! DS will love the trick or treat I’m sure!!


Sounds awesome, I’ve heard the Headless Horseman is fantastic! Do you know when they let you in and when it ends?


they let you in at 4:00 and it runs until midnight. They will make you show your tickets and you will get a wristband when you enter after 4:00. Or, if you are already there, go to the front of the park and they will give you a wristband when you show them your tickets - you do not have to exit the park.

Oh, and if you are there early, the front of MK rents lockers for very little to store your costumes in while you are busy all day - and holds your street clothes while you trick or treat. We change and change back in the MK restrooms right by the entrance and lockers - it is sort of a “locker room” LOL. This makes everything about the costumes easier!


The Headless Horseman proceeds the parade. You can get into the park as early as 4:00 - 4:30, even though the official party was from 7:00 - 11:00 or 12:00, I forget which. The park empties out after Hallo-Wishes, so you can do rides and attractions after that, and walk right on.


Do go on The Haunted Mansion, the CM have a little extra goulish look.Out front while we waited in line,there was a woman playing a ghost of someone who lived in the mansion, she was a southern Bell (not at all scary)and what a show she put on. It was a highlight for us.


Oh man, now I am so excited after reading this thread. We also will be going for the first time in Sept. Does anyone have pics of the party and their costumes? I would love to see and get some costume ideas for myself.


Here’s us last year in front of PC - yeah, we’re tired, but cute! Sorry, since I have posted in another link, it wont let me directly upload to this one…here’s a link to a costume thread…

You will have to scroll down, we are just about the last post on this thread…