First time going in January


And I HATE flags!!! This is ridiculous. There were five flag groups near safari and couldn’t even get through the walkway. Then walked over to Expedition Everest. 3 more flag groups! Can’t get near the ride. Disney really should have more control on how many groups per park. Very frustrating!


…yea…I remember there being many more flag groups in January than the summer months…I too wish there was some way that they could be controlled…they block pathways and entrances to attractions at times…

I wonder how they are handling the FP+ system???


I don’t think they are using it. DH managed to squeeze his way to the single ride line for Everest and when he was near the front he heard a cm ask how many at the stand by line…they answered “52”


A freindly reminder that January is the middle of summer in Brazil


I was about to make the same point as Big Al.