First time Grown Up Disney Vacation


Hello All!

I could really use some advice as I’m about to book my Disney vacation! My boyfriend and I are going to Disney for the first time at the end of May (we went when we were both about 10 or 12) as adults!

Would you recommend Animal Kingdom or Bay lake tower? I’ve read some pros and cons but still can’t decide. Any suggestions? We will only be there for 4 days, 3 nights and intend to parasail, use our hopper pass, eat good food, take in the spa, etc.



I’d go with BLT, if for no other reason…you are closer to everything. Besides, you’ll see plenty of the animals in AK when you go on the Safari Ride…save AKL for later when you guys have kids. Unless of course you plan to eat at the restaraunts at AKL and plan on spending more time at the resort than in the parks…then I’d go for AKL w/savannah view.

You guys will have a great time regardless…but for convenience I’d still say BLT…

That’s my pennies worth…


You’ll have a great time. I can’t recommend either resort, since I haven’t had the pleasure of staying at either one. We’ll be at WDW for 2 days the end of May and I wanted you to know, if you don’t already, that the end of May is Star Wars Weekends at HS.

Star Wars Weekends | Walt Disney World Resort


Bay lake tower is a LOT closer to the action…


how exciting!! i’d say go for Bay Lake Tower - right at the heart of MK!! have fun!


Hi and welcome to MB!

As a young couple I would definitely think you’d enjoy BLT more. AKL is absolutely gorgeous, but it’s away from most the action. If your trip is short and you want to do lots, you’ll be much closer to the action at BLT. Plus, it’s absolutely gorgeous.


As an owner to DVC and my home resort in animal kingdom villas that is where I recommend. I know a lot of people love the MK loop, and I can’t say too much since I have never stayed at any of thosew hotels (although I wo uld love to one day). I love love love AKV. It is a little ways away but it is a very relaxing hotel. I love the savannah views and it is beautiful. It is the best to wake up and go out on the balcony and view the animals out and about. We have been there once and will be back there next week.

Also as we do not have children yet we have always gone to WDW with just the 2 of us.

So I strongly recommend AKV, although I may be the only one in this post that will since everyone love the MK loop.


No, your not the only one recommending AKV, I second that. Our DVC home is BLT, and I have stayed at both. The two are sooooo different, that it really depends on your personality. BLT does have the convenience factor, but I’m telling you, it lacks in relaxation and intamacy (I know, some may disagree, just saying from my standpoint). AKV is such a warm and relaxing place, from the minute you walk into the lobby (I’m a Jambo house fan, as it has the most magnificient lobby). The cast members seem to be so much more interactive with you, as they have stories and history to share with guests.

So, take a look at what you want to get out of your vacation. If its totally parks, then BLT, but for the whole package, enjoying your resort, relaxing, etc., definitely AKV.


Here’s a question to ask yourself. Are you animal fans? Because if you are - then AKL is fantastic - with a savanna room you can sit on your balcony and watch giraffes nibble their breakfasts from the treetops.

If you’re young, cool and hip (like I use to be - you can see by the use of “hip” I no longer am:laugh:) BLT is fantastic. It’s sooo beautifully decorated. So contemporary; mainly I guess because it’s at the - Contemporary.

Both are fantastic resorts. Its all in what you’re looking for.


I say BLT. With four days and you have’nt been since you were young, its much closer to the action with relatively quick stops to MK and EPCOT. Parasailing is at the Contemporary next door. With park hoppers no matter what park we start off in we always end up back at MK.

Contempo Cafe in the Contemporary has a beef flatbread that is my new favorite must eat for lunch or dinner!!

Either resort will provide a fun, remember for a lifetime trip. Have a great vacation!!!


Hi and welcome- I’m going with BLT too- much closer to everything for you-enjoy!


Being younger and on a short trip I would go with BLT/CR. The resort has a lighter, more active feel than AKL. Also, there is more to do in the area and not as subdued as AKL.
But waking up to a cup of coffee and sitting on the balcony of a savannah room is also hard to pass up for relaxation on a future trip


Since you guys are grown ups I would add a different suggestion. We really love staying at the Yacht Club, Beach Club, or Boardwalk. The number of food choices at the 5 resorts ( Swan and Dolphin are also right there ), plus easy access to EPCOT make these the winners for us. Also, once in EPCOT you have the monorail right there to tool around. The only downside is that they are all convention resorts so if there is a large convention going on, like Lotusphere in early Feb, then it can be a bit crowded.

I love the Magic Kingdom, but when DW and I are on our own we tend to spend more time at EPCOT and MGM then MK. Now if you are a MK kind of person, then by all means the Bay Lake Towers would be very cool.

Just food for thought,


Welcome to here. Since you are sans children, I say BLT. You can monorail from EPCOT w/minimal injuries.


Thus saith the Boss.:closedeye


I gotta go with the Animal Kingdom Lodge…It’s so beautiful and relaxing, you won’t be disappointed! I know it’s a longer trip from the Magic Kingdom, but not so bad from the other three parks. The Bay Lake Towers are closer to the “action,” but they just don’t give me the same butterflies in my stomach feeling as when we pull up to the AKL :wub: Just my opinion…I know you’ll have a blast whatever you decide!

& on a side note, I have a feeling that once you hit the parks, you won’t be able to pry yourself away for the parasailing/ spa time :laugh: