First time trading tips and pin values please!


I have about 15 pins I bought way back in May of 2005. I bought them off the Disney Shopping site during a pin sale for a trip that eventually got cancelled They have been in their original packing up in my closet ever since. I think they all are LE’s.

I looked online to try to determine the value of them, and found several of them on ebay at the buy it now price of $9 to $19 depending on the pin (most were about $13). Others I found in a forum that had photos of pins (pinpics? I can’t remember the site) and I looked at the members that ‘had’ vs. the members that ‘wanted’ to see where they fell and I think they all were wanted more than they were available for trade. Also, there were a few pins in my collection I could find no info on - not even a photo.

Now, this is where I am lost, lol. I don’t know if we should trade any of these pins. While I sort of know the value of some of my pins (only from ebay), I have no idea what the value is of someone else’s pins. I don’t want to get suckered into trading them for junk, so how do I educate myself about pin values? Are my pins under value–meaning no one will want to trade?

Should I just take them all, let the kids trade as they wish (with CM’s only?) and not worry if I’m giving away something super rare? Will anyone want pins that are 18 months old?

What do you think? :redface:


I bought up a bunch of those pins when they had that sale. Matter-of-fact, I buy them every time they have a pin sale. My DD uses them as traders in the park. I get them for cheap, so I could care less what she does with them. She uses them as bargaining chips to get pins to complete series that she is collecting. She does save a few of them if they are a character she is currently collecting or if I buy an entire series. Trade them…they are cheaper than the pins in the parks and unless you are collecting them as a hobbie, it really doens’t matter.


Do you have pictures of the pins? I would be interested to see them. And yes, older pins can be worth a lot. Especially if they are old LEs.


Thanks Dana and Ginger :flowers:

Dana, your post makes all the sense in the world to me. I mean trully, they were cheap and I did buy them for trading.

Ginger, here are some photos. I took them very quick this morning and on the sly as the kids don’t remember that I have them and they still don’t know of the trip, lol.


Amazing…DD picked almost all the same ones as you…lol She didn’t get the jack though…he wasn’t her favortie at the time. The slim line villians is a complete set that DD has and will not trade… She loved them! I honestly just bought any pn that was under $5 and let her have them as traders. I figured it was cheaper than buying the $7-$9 ones in the parks and letting her trade them…especially since the last pin sale was free shipping on all pins…that made it even cheaper.


That is just too funny that the pins are so similar! I love the slim line and the Jack 2 piece, and most likely won’t give them to the kids to trade away, lol.


Don’t blame you there. When I get her pins for trading, I make sure not to get sets…she won’t part with them and it defeats the purpose. she unfortunately was at the computer when we saw the slim line…lol


Those pins are nice! I know some of them will trade with non-cast members pretty well if you are interested in that. I know I have traded other pins for some of those before. But if you would rather trade them in the park or keep them, it’s cool. But they are really nice! :happy:


Thanks Ginger!

Can I ask a really basic (read: lame, lol) question? HOW do we start? I mean, the kids will be wearing the lanyards, do they just politely ask a CM with a lanyard if they’d like to trade? Or do they wait to be asked? :huh:

Sorry, lol :blush:


Those pins look fancy and nice !
I want some ! ha ha
I have never collected/traded pins !


The very best bet it to go up to CMs wearing the green laynards. They only trade with children under 13. ALl you have to do is walk up to them and aks them to see their pins. They will never refuse a trade and will let you kids know if they shouldn’t trade a paticular pin (LE or something). Any CM will do this, but the ones wearing the green lanyards are for kiddos only. Kids can trade with anyone of course and any CM will trade with them. Your kids will get into the spirit of it quickly and are going to have so much fun!


Great info Dana! Thanks a MILLION!!! :happy:


You are very welcome. Hope they enjoy!


Ohhhh pin trading is sooooo much fun!! I don’t know about Wdw but i know dl has set up pin trading spots. Those are really cool. Some of the cms there have whole binders full of pins. Another good thing to do is to go into the stores and look at the people working there. They all trade as well


Sorry to butt in, but those pins are really cool!! :mickey:


Come out to Old Key West and trade with me. I am a CM in General Store. I love trading pins (I’m a collector too). We don’t get as many traders out we are, but we have lots of Cast Lanyard Pins. I go to my manager every day and trade any junk pins on my lanyard for better ones that way I always have good ones to choose from. I love those moments when someone finds the pin they are looking for on my lanyard. It is so much fun!!!


You all are so great! :mickey:

Pluto, the pins are REALLY PRETTY in real life! I love them, esp for the $3.99 I paid for them, lol.

Pixie, I remember the trading stations at DL, but never really stpped for long.

Diisneygeek, you are so NOT butting in :happy: And I looked at your pins too–great collection!

And Valerie, I don’t see us getting out to OKW :sad: but we’d love to trade with you if we did. Maybe I’ll run into you in the parks, lol. If you see a shortish roundish woman in pink mary jane crocs calling your name, it’s only me, lol.