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Hello! this will be my first Disney Trip ever. my husband is taking me for my 31st birthday. i was wondering if i could get some advise on the best place to have dinner. i have been looking on at the menus, but i would rather have a suggestion from seasoned pros :-D. Victoria and Alberts is too expensive, because we are also going on the dream right after DW. so i am eating at Remy on the ship. can anyone help me make this the best birthday EVER? i would really appreciate it :mickey:


Well, there are a lot of choices… What kind of dining are you looking for? I am sure one of us has eaten at almost every restaurant, and we can give you the real scoop. Allears is pretty good with their descriptions though…

Do you want character dining, or none? How fancy do you want it? There are lot of choices!


Hello and welcome to MB! You’ve come to the right place for advice on all things Disney. As hanwill says, if you can give a little more idea of your tastes and what you are hoping to see then that will narrow down your options a little more- welcome again!


My favorite place, I would not go to DW without going to is Ohana at Polynesian Resort. But there are many more restaurants that are also great. Be sure to tell them it’s your birthday when making reservations and wherever you go will make it special for you.


my husband loves seafood. the only thing i didnt want is Italian. i worked at an italian restaurant lol. i wanted something definitely romantic. fancy would be nice. definitely good wines. does that narrow it a little? :smiley:


Hello & Welcome. If you’re looking for Seafood then there’s Flying Fish for a full TS, Cape May for a Buffet. Fulton’s is a Love/Hate. Most people either love or hate it. Not to many in between. If DDP isn’t an issue i’ve heard good reviews from Bluezoo over at the Dolphin. Good luck on whatever you decide on.


I would suggest either California Grill, or Narcoossees. Both have great food, good wine selections, and beautiful views.


does anyone suggest getting the Disney Dining plan? we werent going to get it, but is it suggested?


Depends if you want to focus on your budget before you go or once you get there.
Biggest factor imo is are you planning to eat at sit-downs every day, which would make ADR’s mandatory thus having a vacation scheduled around meals or do you want to just wing it and eat when you get hungry and go to more QS locations.


this all seems so Overwhelming!


Artist Point is nice and few children, California grill is alright but usually there are children, Narcoossee’s is good but again children but here they are usually very polite. I suggest either Artist Point or Narcoossee’s.


Oh please don’t feel overwhelmed. We’ll help you as much as we can.

Many swear by the fine dining at WDW. That’s a major part of their vacation. If it were me going on my 1st ever WDW vacate, I wouldn’t do DDP, but instead book a couple of sit-down meals out of pocket and use the rest of the time to enjoy Disney. A sit-down on average takes about 1 1/2-2 hours, and that’s if your in the area of your restaurant. If it’s at another park or resort you’d need to factor that time in as well. Being newbies, i’d rather spend that extra time trying to take in as much of Disney as possible. It’s a really BIG world and impossible to do everything in 1 trip, so you’ll need all the extra time you can get. That’s what I would do. Many others may be along soon with a different opinion.


does anyone know anything about pin trading?


It is everywhere… and it is popular with kids and employees alike. They have to trade with kids, and if you are wearing it, you are willing to trade… usually. Fun activity, but totally not necessary for a first trip. you can start it when you are there if you decide to do it…


You can also buy pins in a lot on ebay and have them just for trading (a cheaper way to start trading) - that’s what we do for our girls - we ALL love trading!

'Ohana is one of our favorite restaurants, love it & am trying to get it for our trip in a couple of weeks. Jiko looks great to me (but not to anyone else in my family especially). Artist Point looks good too!

We are not doing the Dining Plan (DDP), I did a comparison and it just isn’t cost effective for us for what/where we plan to eat. It can be nice, especially if you can get it free next year, for planning/budget to get it all taken care of though. But, totally not necessary.

Ask all of the questions you have - we are all happy to help!


can anyone tell me about Port Orleans- Riverside? that is where we are staying. we requested the Magnolia Bend rooms


Disney does this to you!

Welcome to mousebuzz.:mickey:

We love Narcoossees if you want a nice meal and possible view of the fireworks at magic kingdom. (time your booking right). there are so many good places to eat it also depends on if you want to do a lot of traveling from place to place or if you have your own transport. getting from your resort to another resort for dinner could take 90min on disney transport (recomended time) as you have to travel from your resort to a park then on to the resort your eating at.

as for riverside you could look at :- Unofficial Visitor’s Guide to Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside & French Quarter Resorts
they have lots of good info. I have just returned from POFQ and it was fantastic, we loved riverside’s food hall- Mmmm tossed salad


I haven’t been to POR, but a friend stayed there and fell in love with it. I think any on site resort is going to be great for you.

Do you have any ideas about which parks you’ll be at? Are you going to all 4? Are you getting park hopper tickets? When choosing meals, we try to pick based on where we’ll be that day (we don’t do park hoppers), to eliminate precious time traveling.


we did get park hopper tickets. i know on my birthday, which is aug 26th, i will be in MK that evening.


Welcome to MB! We just got back from the World yesterday and during the trip we tried, for the first time, Narcoosee’s and I have to say it was probably one of my best meals at WDW. The setting is casual, but lovely - and sort of romantic, looking out over the Bay to the Castle. The staff was very friendly. Unfortunately our reservation was too late to view Wishes from the restaurant, but others say it’s wonderful. My dh and I both had the surf & turf and our steaks were cooked a perfect medium-rare and the lobster tasted fresh and was very tender. Even the green beans were crisp and delicious. I had the creme brulee duo for dessert and especially loved the coconut one. I was going to keep a list of all of the wines we tried - but forgot - but we did have a lovely, crisp chardonnay.

We would definitely go back.