First Timers!


Hi !!
My parents, sisters and I are going to Orlando, FL this upcoming December 16th.
We’re planning on going to Disneyworld for 5 days.
So I was wondering if you could tell me what clothes to wear/pack. Not sure what’s the weather like up there.
Also what do we do? what palces should we visit? I really don’t have a clue what’s there.
So if someone could point me out some directions LOL
Oh! btw we’re from Mexico, visiting Orlando ! yay !!!


It will probably seem cooler to you. You will need a sweater for sure during the evenings.

I would plan on tempatures in the mid to high 70’s during the day and mid to high 50’s at night.

Have a great trip and welcome to DC!


Welcome to Disney Central! Glad you found us in time for your trip. Tigger is right. The weather may seem a bit colder for you, so definately pack a sweater. I think this time of year, slacks/pants/capris are a safe bet with a T-shirt. Bring a sweatshirt or sweater for the early mornings and evenings when it may get cooler. Definately pack some shorts, because you may feel like it’s warm enough for them. Check accuweather for orlando for your dates to get a better idea. As for what to do…that’s a big one. There is SO much to do. Here are some things not to miss in each park that I think every first timer should see:

Magic Kingdom - Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear, Winnie the Pooh, Phillarmagic, Peter Pan, Haunted mansion, Splash mountain, Pirates of the CArribean, Jungle Cruise and Big Thunder Moutain Railroad. Do not miss the afternoon parade that usually runs around 3pm (check guide maps for exact time), Spectro magic the night parade and you cannot go to magic kingdom without seeing Wishes the firework show…fantastic!

MGM - Rock’n Rollercoaster, Tower of Terror, Voyage of the Little Mermaid, The Great movie ride, Muppets 3-d, Backlot tour, Lights motor action stunt show and whatever show catches your eye. You have to see the afternoon parade and definately don’t miss the Osborne Lights and Fantamic!

Animal Kingdom park - The safari, dinosaur, it’s tough to be a bug and all the animal trails…awesome! They have a few really great shows too that you may want to catch and an afternoon parade at around 4pm.

Epcot - There is SO much to do here but in Future world my favorites are: Test Track and Soarin…my DD loves misssion space, but I don’t. The living seas is fun as is the imagination center. I love the honey I shrunk the audience show…hysterical! In the world showcase, you should go through each and every country…it’s a blast.

If you get time, go to Downtown Disney too. I love the market place for shopping. Have a great trip and ask any questions you have here…someone has the answer and would love to help. :heart:


We look forward to an open and honest report on Mexico :mickey:


I’ll sure give you a great report :wink:
Thanks for all your tips !
I’m really looking forward for this trip !! :D:D


welcome to DC Dana gave you great advice I live in south florida I wear shorts during the day but at night I have to throw jeans and a sweatshirt on because I am cold


Welcome to DC.I would pack some jeans and sweatshirts it will be chilly at night. Have a great vacation and let us know how things went for you. We love trip reports around here.


Thank you for ll your great wishes
I’ll sure be writing a great report :smiley:

I also have another question. Well we’re not really sure what attractions we should see, specially since my parents are 50, and mys sisters 21 and 16 and I’m 18 (with a kid’s heart)
I also wa wondering if you could tell us which parades we should see. I found out that Mickey’s Merry Christmas Parade costs an extra $42 !!! We got an all access pass. But not sure if we’re allow to watch that one. Even the firelights shows on the evening has extra cost

Well hope you can help me ! :slight_smile:


Don’t really have any new advice to add, just wanted to say Welcome to DC!!!


Welcome to Dc, I don’t have any new info to add either but have a great time!!


Welcome to DC!!

Enjoy your first trip. Yes our weather can be different day to night so like they say pack a variety. As far as MVMCP it is a separate ticketed event from 7pm to midnight, includes everything in the park that is “open/functional”, just limited to a certain amount of ticket holders for that event, it includes a family photo, 2 night time parades (which are the same at different times) and the holiday wishes fireworks show. Oh yes and Cookies and Hot Chocolate.


And the cookies were actually quite good this year! :happy:


Yes they were :tongue:


you already have plenty of wonderful advice :slight_smile: so I will just welcome you to DisneyCentral and look forward to hearing your final plans and hope when you return we will be blessed with a first timers TR from you :slight_smile:


Comfortable Shoes! These are a must!
If you have time buy a book such as “The Unofficial Guide to WDW” it has everything you need. If you do not have time PM me with an email and I will share the notes I have for my family.


Welcome to Disney Central!!! :happy:

Like other people have already said, definitely pack a variety of clothes. Just recently in Tallahassee we had 40 degree weather one day, 80 degree weather the next two days, and then 35 degree weather the day after that! The weather can’t seem to make up its mind this year. :huh:

Anyway, hope you have a good time there and at Disney Central! :mickey:


Hello there !!!
Thank you so much for your wonderful advise !!
I’ve always said Americans are the nicer people in the world !!
Anyway yesterday my dad showed me our Disney tickets "(yay!!)
They say “Park Hopper” so I’m guessing it’s a pass for all parks except the water park. Since we think it might be really cold.
BTW if we buy the ticket to MVMCP what other benefits come from it? what other things can we see? Is it true that by purchasing that ticket you can still see the fireworks at Epcot? or the fireworks at night are for free?

Thanks again for your kind advice !!


Congratulations on getting your tickets… yes the park hopper allows you to jump back and forth from the 4 parks. As far as your separate ticket you would have to buy for MVMCP the time is from 7pm to midnight, you get all the benefits of the park as you would any other time, just at night providing the ride is open and not down for maintenance. It snows on main st (fake) everything is decorated for christmas, x-mas carols and special shows play at different times (example… Mickey’s “twas the night before christmas” show, fantasy land holiday hop, of course 2 showings of mickeys very merry christmas parade and holiday wishes (fireworks show) not sure if you can see the fireworks from epcot but that is all included in your MVMCP ticket, along with a complimentary family photo, cookies and hot choclate… Hope this helps Again have fun!!


Fireworks are everynight at all parks except Animal Kingdom (AK). The Studios fireworks are part of a great show called Fantasmic.

All fireworks are free with you ticked admission.

AND you can watch the MK fireworks from the Seven Seas Lagoon without even paying to get into the park.


thanks for all your advice !!
Ive got another question.
You see we dont want to watse too much time eating and going to restrooms, so could you tell me if it’s true that they have food stands, or just fast-food restaurants.
Also where the WC’s located lol !
Thanks :wink: