First trip for 10 & 7 year old!


We are just looking for suggestions from other parents who have boys, (around ages 10 & 7). We are a little overwhelmed with all the information. Could someone suggest what we should definitley do with our boys? We will be visting all 4 parks.


Welcome to Mousebuzz.:happy: You’ve picked the right site to get all the information you need and everyone is happy to give their advice. But first, we need a little more info from you - will you be staying on-site? How long will you be staying? Will you be using the Dining Plan? Are your kids the adventurous type? Will you want to go to character meals?


i’ll just repeat what llama said! welcome!! There is so much to learn on here!


Welcome to MB! We’ll be happy to help.


Welcome to MB!!
This is definately the right place to get the info you need!


Welcome! My cousin took her two kids also 10 and 7 for their first trip last year and I helped her with a lot of the planning, so I’d be happy to offer some tips.

Are you planning to stay onsite?


Welcome to Mousebuzz! can’t help with the actual boys question- but just to say whatever you and they do will just be awesome!


If your 7 year old boy is anything like mine, you could pretty much take him on endless repetitions of Test Track (Epcot) and that would be considered a very very fine trip. :happy:


Our boys enjoyed Tom Sawyer Island from the time they were 5 until they turned 11.
It is a great place to let them run and have a good time at the fort!


Welcome to Mousebuzz!!! There will be something in every park they will love. Check out Innovations in Epcot, that is fun. For MK,well everything. Where will you be staying and do you plan on any character meals? What kind of plans do you have?


Welcome to MouseBuzz!!! Anything we can help with we’ll be happy to.

As far as basic info, do your kids like thrill rides (roller coasters, etc.)? If so, look up the height requirements for each ride especially for the 7 year old. It’ll avoid disappointments later. You should try a wonderful site for getting info on everything Disney!! They have descriptions on all of the rides at WDW as well as on-property resorts, restaurants (including menus for all of them), and all the other information you could need.

In addition to that, most of us have been to WDW many times and can answer any questions you have.

Again, welcome to MB and have a great trip! Look forward to hearing many more posts from you.


My boys were close to that age on our first trip. We went in with the idea of trying everything one time, and if we didn’t like it, we knew to skip it the next. That way, no one spoiled it for the other. To tell you the truth, they enjoyed everything, and probably got some favorites that normally they wouldn’t try (Winnie the Pooh Ride!)