First trip stories


I’m not sure if this thread has been made before (I’m new here :blush:) but my first trip to Disney was so incredible I love sharing the story, and I’m sure others have great stories to share as well…

I am an only child of a single parent, and my mom worked nights at McDonalds until I was about 16, so we never had more than we needed. All my friends had been to Disney World with their families 2 or 3 times, but I had never gotten to go because of financial issues.

On the morning of my 13th birthday my mom woke me up with an Ariel card (tradition, I am obsessed with The Little Mermaid) and it had one Disney dollar on the inside, next to which she wrote “to spend in the biggest Disney store in the world!”. Four hours later, I was packed on a plane headed to Orlando. We used Mears and got picked up behind the rental cars where they have those silhouette panels with Snow White etc… and stayed at All Star Music.

Ever since then I’ve been hooked, and as you can see from my signature I’ve been back many times - always saving my pennies to get to that next trip. For Christmas my boyfriend surprised me and we are going May 16-23rd and staying at Pop Century. I can’t wait!


What a sweet story. And welcome to mousebuzz.


Welcome. Awesome story. Thanks for sharing!


Welcome! And thanks for sharing your story. Your mom was very creative! And sneaky - I like sneaky.


Welcome to Mousebuzz Amanda! What a lovely story. :wub:


Welcome to MB!!! That was a sweet story.


That was a great story. I don’t remember the circumtances regarding leaving for the trip but I do remember being there. I specifically remember thinking that WDW was a special place; the rides, the fireworks, the whole atmosphere just seemed special. We stayed with a relative when we first went but I remember promising myself that I was going to return and stay at the Contemporary. When the monorail went through the lobby I was amazed. It was an experience that stuck with me all these years.


That was an amazing story - Thank you for sharing it! I am an only child of a single mom, too and we went TWICE as a day trip only and it was a VERY big deal as a child.

I feel super honored every time I take my children…

Anyway, I loved hearing your story and can’t wait to read more of your posts - welcome to MB!! :wub:


Welcome to Mousebuzz Amanda!! Thanks for sharing your story!! I loved the way your mom surprised you!


:heart: that was the perfect story! Welcome to MouseBuzz Amanda!


That is an awesome story. I’ll bet that trip was super special for you. I went for the first time with my parents, brother and sister back in the early 80’s. I don’t remember that much of it to be honest with you. I remember going on 20Kleagues under the sea and Mr Toads wild ride…maybe tea cups…the rest is a blurr…


Hello Amanda and welcome to Mousebuzz! That was such a lovely story and what a terrific surprise that must of been for you.
One of my first memories was going across seven seas lagoon on the boat and seeing the castle for the first time, and then Main St USA, wonderful.


Welcome Amanda! I loved your story!:happy: Those first trips are so special aren’t they? I never got to WDW until I was married with two children - yet it was as exciting to me as it would have been to a 5 year old! Welcome to MouseBuzz - this is a friendly place for lovers of the Mouse.


Thanks everyone for being so sweet. I have been reading this board for so long, squeezing all the great tips out of it, but never posted until now.


That is such a sweet story I loved it! Welcome to the boards, your going to fit right in! I remember my first Disney trip, it was to DisneyLand Paris, my parents had convinced us we were going to Blackpool for a daytrip but I just KNEW no sane person would leave for a coach to Blackpool at 4am! Right up until that moment in the bus station they were adament we were off to Blackpool and then they finally told us! It was only one day but I caught the Disney bug and I’ve never looked back!


Very cool birthday present, Amanda. The first time I went to WDW was when I was 3. When I saw Mickey Mouse for the first time, I almost wet myself!! I was super excited. I had the best time of my life. I have been hooked on ever since!!


Welcome to MB, and what a sweet story! My first trip to WDW wasn’t until I was almost 31, and pregnant with my second child. It was a horrible trip, but that didn’t keep me from trying again. :slight_smile:


So cute - I still get that excited when I see Mickey!


SO JEALOUS I would LOVE to go to Disneyland Paris, or even JUST Paris!


Again welcome amanda to MB! I’m currently 21yrs old and I think this is the only thing I remember past 10yrs old(my parents got divorced). but all I remember is hat I was turning 5 and my brother woke me up at like 2 or 3 and told me we were going to disney and I started screaming woot woot woot! I went crazy he took me with his g/f at the time (current wife). we stayed at the coronado springs and it was the coolest thing I was like their kid. it was awesome then my parents got divorced and I lost disney for a long time and then at the age of 18 I met my g/f and we went to disney after being together for 8 months for my b-day and I fell in love again. she surprised me with Buzz Lightyear and Woody character meet and greet and I went crazy. since then I’ve been going with my g/f about 2 - 3 weeks a yr.