First trip to Dland questions


We’re planning our first trip to Land in Oct. We’ve been to World twice but we’re finding information on Land harder to find. We’re planning on staying off site, but we have a few questions before we book.

1 - Am I better to book everything (hotel and park passes) through the Disney website, or a travel agent
2 - Should I book my hotel direct and get park passes when I’m there (is there anywhere to get a deal on passes)

Also, we’re still undecided on where to stay. We’ve narrowed it down to HoJo, Carousel, Camelot or Candy Cane. Family of four, kids 10 and 2.

Any help would be appreciated.


Welcome to MB! We just went to DL for the first time. I got info from here and Allears Disneyland Resort
I also bought this book The Unofficial Guide to Disneyland 2010 (Unofficial Guides) (9780470460306): Bob Sehlinger: Books

Here are reviews of hotels around DL. Anaheim Hotels: Read Anaheim Hotel Reviews and Compare Prices - TripAdvisor


About the passes – I recently traveled for a soccer tournament, and the team was booked into a Hampton Inn. I had purchased passes before we left through the travel agent at a decent discount, but when we got to the Hampton Inn, the hotel was selling 5-day passes for th eprice of 3-day passes! They were giving away two full days of park time!!!
I’d suggest that you call the hotels you are considering and ask them what their ticket deals are. One of them might have a ticket deal that is so good it makes you choose them over the others.
I forgot to mention this tidbit when I got home, so I think I will mention it in a new thread…


We’re going for our 1st time in April and we booked a room at the Candy Cane. It has consistently good reviews, free continental breakfast and a dedicated shuttle to the parks (but it’s still close enough to walk). I really wanted to stay at a Disney hotel, but just couldn’t justify the cost for this quick trip.

HoJo’s gets alot of good reviews too and they offer family suites if you need more room. There’s a discount code on the allears site for HoJo’s.

I also purchased the Unofficial Book and found some good info in there too.

I’ll be able to answer more questions for you in April!


I like the Hojo and Carousel the best, and they’re the closest. I always book everything myself, but I am sure if you book through a travel agent they could find some sort of other discounts for you, but like I said, I always do everything myself, but I’ve been going to DLR since I was a baby and use to work for DLR/Disney, so I know all of the tricks of the trade, haha.