First trip to WDW - Staying at Pop Century


Hi all!

I’m a new member here, and just wanted to get acquainted by telling you that in a short 22 days, i’ll be making my first ever jaunt to the WDW!

We’ll be there from 10/9 - 10/14 and we’ll be staying at the Pop Century resort. Like i’ve said, this will be our first time, and it’s going to be an ‘adults only’ trip. My wife and I are going to meet her parents, and my parents there, and enjoy the week in the parks, and also partaking in the Food and Wine Festival.

I’ve never stayed at the Pop Century, however, my parents have, and they’ve likened it to a very clean Motel, but one that’s owned by Disney. I’ve already made our Disney’s Magical Express arrangements, arranged for a refrigerator in our room, had my wife buy a travel hairdryer (as i’ve heard that this hotel doesn’t have them in the rooms) and advised them that we’ll be celebrating some Anniversaries!

Now we’ve arrived at the part where I need your help!
I would like to know any tips, tricks, suggestions, or whatever you can tell me that might just help us make this trip even more special! I’ve already downloaded some really cool apps for the iPhone that show GPS logged maps of the park, queue times for each ride, parade times, and even restaurants, with menus!

Any help you can provide to help your fellow enthusiast is much obliged!

Thanks much!



It sounds like you are well prepared! If needed, using the fastpass system is the best way to get on many of the rides if it is crowded. Also, be sure to take advantage of any EMH. It is amazing what you can see arriving an hour earlier than everyone else. Do you have andy dining reservations?


You will love POP! We are staying there in 9 days for the 2nd time. (They do have hair dryers btw!!!) It is very similar to a motel, but DISNEYized. You wont feel like you are at a motel 6 or anything. My advice to you is to relax and soak in all the magic…enjoy your vacation!!! (also…make sure you eat at Tokyo Dining and request a window seat around the time for Illuminations…you wont regret it!)


Welcome to Mousebuzz! Finding this forum was the key to making our trip really magical this summer, so you’re in the right place. Many helpful people and lots of suggestions will be coming your way. I’m fuzzy in the morning, so I will be back to share as soon as I have time to de-fuzz my brain :slight_smile:


Welcome to MB. 22 days that is great! I have only stayed at Pop once, but I really liked it. It was very clean and having a food court there was great first thing in the morning and at the end of the day.


Welcome! and congrats on your first trip to WDW!! You’re going to have a great time!! Did you make any dining reservations? because the restaurants are usually completely booked up, so you would need to make some dining reservations now, if you didn’t already.
I know you were looking for some tips, etc…and I know you said you are celebrating some anniversaries, did you know you can call and have a surprise cinderella’s slipper cake (or some other specialty cakes) delivered to your table as a surprise for your wife.
And, definetly remember to get the “Happy Anniversary” button to wear while you are in Disney!
If I think of anything else, I will come back and post.
Have a great trip!!!


Welcome to MB!!! I was a Mousebuzz stalker for a year and just started posting, because the people have helped make my WDW vacations too much fun! Pop is really cute and I think you will enjoy the hotel.

I am going to agree about the dining reservations! My favorites: Boma and Marakesh. Fastpasses are the way to go, and as we found out last year-- you have to go early and go fast to get one for TOY STORY!

I started a thread about Parades and such and everyone has been tremendously helpful with suggestions, so I would check that out too.

I will be there 9/29/10-10/4/10, but I will make sure to leave a little magic for you :wink:


Welcome and knowing you’ll have a wonderful time.

I was given perfect advice… stop and smell the roses. Sit and people watch. Look at the little things like the windows at Disney. Enjoy talking the the CM’s. Don’t run from attraction to attraction, enjoy the shops, just walking down Main Street, around the fountains at Epcot, take your time to watch the animals at AK and get into the action at Hollywood Studios. Don’t let little things bother you, like rude pushy people. Just enjoy the magic of the time you are there and you will have a wonderful time.

and yes, make sure you have dinner reservations. This is part of the wonderful “adult” experience at disney. Oh, and even though you’re adults only - stand in like to get your picture taken with favorite characters. It will be your best souvineer.


POP is a great resort.

You are going at a great time. Crowds should be low in the parks. Get some maps and plan routes around the parks (I know some people go on their first trips cross the parks multiple times a day). At the POP you can pick up a schedule of fireworks and parades and other stuff in the park, these are really helpful in planing and adjusting your days.

Take advantage of Disney transportation but realize that each leg will take you 20 to 40 minutes (doesn’t matter if it a bus, monorail, boat). The POP buses will take you directly to each park. If you want to visit other resorts you will need to make multiple legs to get back to your resort. Just be aware of this (Disney has built their transportation to absorb part of the resort population during hight season). Anyway the bus is the way to go to the resorts. If you are at MK I suggest taking a boat to Wilderness Lodge or the Monorail to Poly or Grand Floridian, etc.

Get a refillable resort mug…it will save you money.

Drink a lot of water.

If you are not on the dinning plan bring your own snacks.

Take it slow…you will not fit in everything on one trip.

Most important leave your trouble at the Main Gate and enjoy yourself, it will go quickly.


Welcome to here. The best advice I can give - ESPECIALLY to a rookie - is to draw up a plan for each day. To Do this, you would have to research; and that is a good thing.

I suggest you get a copy of “The Unofficial Guide to WDW”. This is a VERY detailed book describing every aspect of WDW. It helps, trust me.


One of the things we did to make sure we all got to see everything we wanted was to print off the maps to study from the Disney Site and make a list of the priorities. We had an A list and a B list. Then we added FP in red next to the ones that have Fastpass option. It really helped to keep our priorities once we got to the park.

Wear your Anniversary pins into the parks each day. Are you going to Epcot? If so, stop in at American Adventure and hang out in the front entrance part for a few minutes wearing your pins. Wait until you are approached by a CM and see what happens.

Also at Epcot, hang out by the red phone booths if you get a chance. Every once in a while there is a caller. That can be fun!

We always like to make sure to try all transportation at least once. We take the boats one day and then the monorail, which is our favorite. Disney makes even going from place to place rather fun.

Purchase the Photopass CD ahead of time and then make sure that all members of your party get their pictures taken by the photographers at various places in each park. If there are three different couples in your party, you could split the cost of the CD. You can add multiple Photopass cards to one account - I think we had 13 different cards between the 8 people in our party. We were so glad to get them because that way everyone can be in the shots at one time. And on the photopass site you can add borders and other little embellishments. Check it out!

Get very familiar with the popular attractions and pay attention to the best times to ride. You said that you have some iphone apps? Start checking on the wait times now for all the park attractions and you will notice which ones have the longest wait times at which part of the day. Then when you get to the park, send one member of your party with all the cards to collect fastpasses for one of those attractions and then meet your party where they are waiting at another. The attractions this is most necessary for (off the top of my head) are:

MK: Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
Epcot: Soarin’
HS: Toy Story Mania
AK: Expedition Everest

There are others you can FP, but those were the ones with the longest wait when we were there.

Most important, enjoy every minute of your time there. Even the most inconsequential things seem like magical times when you are reflecting back on your trip.


Welcome. You’ll like Pop. Disney value is still very nice although I’m not crazy about some of the themes.

The unoffical guide is a great suggestion. It is full of tips.

Don’t worry about seeing and doing everything. You can’t do it. Plan but be ready to change plans based on crowds and interest. My best tip…go early, take a break then close the parks.

And make sure you follow Boss’s fav tip (I don’t know how he could have overlooked it) hit the Cool Station in EPCOT and try the Beverly.



And make sure you follow Boss’s fav tip (I don’t know how he could have overlooked it) hit the Cool Station in EPCOT and try the Beverly.[/QUOTE]

Oh my Gawd yes. How could I forget the Beverly. I actually planned a trip around going to Cool Station and drinking as much free Beverly as possible!


Maybe we’ll be neighbors as my DH & I will be at POP 10/9-15!
I love POP and the theme is really fun the first time you see it! I can’t tell you how many photos we took just at the resort.
Everyone has given great suggestions so I only have this to add: on my first trip as an adult, I read all the books, made a spreadsheet of where to go when, what to ride when and essentially missed out on a lot due to Over-planning. (I’m a bit of a type A):dry:
Subsequent trips have been more enjoyable as we have done basically what Jen9804 suggested above: we decided what were the non-negotiables and the rest of the time we went with the flow. :mickey:
We’ve learned that the rides are fun, but since we both work in stressful jobs, we go to WDW to soak up the atmosphere and chill.
ADR’s are a must (bears repeating) and the festival is great.


Welcome to MB!! You will enjoy the WDW Resort and will love the Pop Century. Have fun!



Everyone has given you really good advice! They should know, some of them are the absolute best at it.

Make sure to hit the Food & Wine Festival (YUM)…just watch the floor of the tequila bar, that is where Boss spends most of his time when there:happy: You may just have to step over him:biggrin:

Take your time and enjoy the whole experience. You will never get everything done in one trip…Trust me, we still haven’t done it all. Save some things for your next Disney Trip.

Viewing the fireworks at the MK from the beach at the Poly would be a very romantic anniversary surprise :wub:


I would never compare POP Century to the connotations of a ‘motel’. POP Century is my favorite resort on property!! And I’ve stayed at everything! Also, POP is the only good Value Resort, in my eyes. All Star Movies is cute, but the buses suck at All Stars.

But I hope you have a great first vacation! The Food and Wine Festival is amazing!


Thanks for all the GREAT replies! You all have something helpful to bring to the table! I love it here already!! We’re going to try and just ‘chill’ on this trip. We’re young (23 and 24) but our parents are both in their fifties, and enjoy just taking the time to soak things in, so we shall attempt to do so as well. The tough part is, I feel like that little kid from the commercials back in the late nineties (Where they’re in bed and the dad tells them it’s time for bed, and he replies “We’re too excited to sleep!”) I am such a kid at heart… As for Dinner reservations, we have booked only one reservation. And that is at a restaurant in the Polynesian Resort. My parents booked it, because last time they went they had a blast there. Can’t remember the name though… hmph. As far as planning, we’re going to go with the suggestion of: We have to do this, this, and this. as far as the other stuff, we’re just going to let the breeze carry us. If you’ve got any more tips, Keep em’ coming! You all are awesome! Thanks!




I just googled “Beverly Walt Disney World” and let me tell you… That’s a cruel joke you tried to play on me there… :laugh:

I saw the video on the Disney Website of taste tests.

That being said, to appreciate the FULL experience of Walt Disney World, I will try the Beverly and get some “reaction” video on my Flip :mickey:


Welcome to MB! You are going to love it here. It does become very addictive… We have never stayed at POP so Im sorry that I cant help you with your stay. Is your dining reservation at POLY at Ohana’s? You will love OHANA’S… Try a Lupa Lupa for a drink yummy…
Like others have said all ready and I totally agree… Have a game plan of what you want to do but dont rush around, take your time and enjoy your surroundings etc… You will have a BLAST no matter what…

Just remember when you get back do a trip report… We all LOVE trip reports…