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Hi Everyone! This is going to be my first trip to WDW. I have booked the trip for July 12-19. I visted DL last year but am more excited about visting WDW since it is so much bigger. My daughter will be turning 7 while we are on vacation and I would like to plan something special for her…the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is # 1 on my list…she is a girly girly so she will love the hair nails and makeup makeover!! I will be travel with my 5 year old son also and a lot of my family members. Does anyone have any suggestions of things we should see first? Also on the first day check is at 3 pm…do we have time to visit one of the parks this late in the afternoon?


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Check in after 3 but you can check in, get your park passes if needed and hit the parks while you wait for your room to become available. With summer hours you should be able to get some attractions in on your first night. You could also plan a fun dinner and start your trip off with a more relaxed evening and get rested for your first full day. (I would pick hitting a park!)


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With a week you have time to do lots of ‘stuff’. Please remenber that you will be in the world during the start of what many of us call the warm period. As much as you want to rush, remember that you can get worn out easily while being overwhelmed by everything you want to do. And take a note from a former planning monster: If you try an assault on the world to see every single little thing you think has to be seen the family will rebel. And it is not pretty. You are there on ‘vacation’ along w/ the rest of the gang.

The one thing we finally figured out was to work around the kids awake time. They were early risers. We would hit the parks w/ early hours and then go back to the hotel for a break and go to another park with late hours. Go with their hours and your days will go smooth.

I only have 8 trips to WDW under my belt. I am a youngster compared to many of the regulars who you see post on MB. The one thing many of us agree on is to look at ( You cannot go wrong. Play around on the site and have fun.

As to the first thing to do, we always hit the Magik Kingdom. It is a must do for the whole gang. But what you do will depend on how many days your tickets are for. Others will say to wait and go to the MK for an opening ceremony. It all works. Have fun planning and ask away any silly question you have. I still pick up funstuff to do reading the posts.


Thanks for the welcome… I was so excited when i found this site…I am semi-obsessed with finding out all the entertainment and tours WD has aval…I work from home so I spend lots of time on the DW site…really I’m just very excited… Ok I have a silly question…lol…what is the opening ceremony?


congrats,you will have a great time ,but one suggestion …get up early and you will beat most of the crowd and get more in early ,take the middle of the day off and come back later for fireworks and other early evening festivities…but pace your self…in the summer it is warm,and humid…have agreat time and welcome

if you haven’t noticed i am a short timer…this will be my 36 th trip to the world an dit never gets old…it is fresh and new everytime we go…

by the way what resort are you staying at…thais important also…as to events and activities


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Everyone gave you excellent adivse and suggestions. you should definately check in when you arrive at WDW. Your room could possibly be ready at that time, but if it isn’t do store your luggage and go do something!!

My best suggestions is having a sketch plans for your trip. Just which park you would like to do on which day and what are the major things you can’t leave without doing. You are going during a busy time of the year and the lines will be a bit lonigish, so don’t expect to hit every single attractions, but do expect to hit the ones that you REALLY want to do. Florida is seriously hot that time of year, so get to the parks as soon as they open, take a mid day break and go back out around dinner time. Breaks are essential to a WDW trip during July/August.


How exciting to have a first trip – and the kids are at the perfect age to really enjoy themselves! What time do you arrive at WDW?

One of the nicest things we did when the kids were that age was to go to a character meal. Might be a fun thing to do on your first night. It’s a really festive way to kick off the vacation!

If you are planning to go into the parks on the first day, your kids might like Crystal Palace (Pooh characters) in the Magic Kingdom. Or if you choose to not go into a park that day, perhaps they’d like Chef Mickey’s in the Contemporary (classic characters). Actually, there are so many opportunities for character dining, you should check out this link and see what characters your kids would especially enjoy:

Character Meals and Tips

Also – you are about two weeks from your 90-day window. At that time, you can book all your dining reservations, so it’s time to do your homework now and choose your favorite restaurants and book them at the earliest opportunity!

Here is a link to all WDW dining menus and photos. Click on the different areas of WDW on the left side of the screen, and you will get each restaurant and a complete description!:

Walt Disney World Dining Menus Information


I would recommend the Disney Dining plan, even if you have to pay for it.
As it is rather expensive to eat at WDW.
Chef Mickey’s was a big hit with our kids, I have heard that Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is VERY expensive.

Reservations are a must if you want to hit certain restaurants.

Have a great time, as I can’t wait until we go with “newbie’s” in September.


welcome to mouseBuzz apayne111982 and to you Cdn Mickey

Ok I totaly agree with MissDisney a character meal would be an ideal way of starting your vacation, you could concider crystal palace pooh bear and friends. you will get to see MK on your kirst day which the kids will Love:wub:

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is very expensive But is Soooooo worth it for your princess:heart: we did this for my grand daughter one afternoon the had a meal at the royal table that night it was truley magical.

enjoy your holiday and MouseBuzz


Hey dont forget to get photopass for lot of family photos :smile::mickey::tongue::wink: smile


Thanks for the welcome everyone!!!


Ok so if I am understanding correctly on the first day I can check in and get the park tickets and go to a park before check in time, which is 3 pm?

I thought about the character breakfast for my daughter at CRT…and then on to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique…that would be a nice start for her birthday!


I and my wife will be going back to WDW in May for our 52nd trip there. Went to the grand opening in when Nixon cut the ribbon then again in 90 with our grandson and haven’t been to a theme park since. Most folks don’t have a clue as to how much WDW has to offer besides the parks.
My suggestion is take a day and try all the different transportation modes in WDW (buss’s, boats and monorail). Wander around as many of the resorts as you can. You will find that your kids will love it. Our kids, grand kids and great grand kid did.
Have a Magical time.


[QUOTE=apayne111982;947900]Ok so if I am understanding correctly on the first day I can check in and get the park tickets and go to a park before check in time, which is 3 pm?

I thought about the character breakfast for my daughter at CRT…and then on to Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique…that would be a nice start for her birthday![/QUOTE]

Yes, that’s right. You can check in as soon as you arrive and if your room isn’t ready you can store your luggage at the resort (CM can take care of that for you) and head out to DO something! You’ll be given your tickets and such upon arrival at the resort so you can start park hopping! We’ll be arriving before noon (6:30am flight) and doing this so we can get in a pretty good day of touring in on our first day. :mickey:


These are all great suggestions, especially getting to the parks early. If your children can get up early without being too cranky, always try to get to the parks prior to opening. The second thing is use fastpass! Fastpass is available on many of the major attractions, and allows you to bypass the standby line and get on the ride much faster. You can get the skinny on it from I would also recommend picking up the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World,or going to their website, The book has touring plans for each park, and I have found them to be very effective in avoiding lines. You can print them out from the website as well. I went last July, when wait times for some attractions got as high as 2 hours; the longest I waited for an attraction was 20 minutes following their plans and advice. This kind of detailed planning may seem a bit regimented, but can save time and frustration vs. waiting on longs lines in 90 degree heat. Have a great time!


Welcome to all the new MBuzz members. Well, If you are going to be in Disney for several days I would not rush to the parks the first day of arrival. I would wander around your resort, and others as well. Take time to soak in all the Disnay atmospher and relax your first day because the rest of the days you will be running around trying to go to everything. Go to a nice dinner and maybe swim at your resrt. Just relax and have a great opening day of a fantastic trip.


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It’s one of the options you can edit in your profile, but I don’t think it’s available until after your 100th post.


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Thanks to everyone for the advice…i’m sure ill think of more questions soon!!!