First VLog Podcast w/Stacey Darling!


check it out, give us some things to review!

YouTube - WDW Vlog 1.1



I’m gonna check it out now!




OK! Just watched! You guys look like you are really close! It was interesting to see the two different points of view.

Can I ask what the overall concept is for the podcast?

Thanks for sharing.



Amanda and Stacy, that was really fun! I look forward to more of your videos.



How cute… I love it.


This is how we hope our podcast will work…

-You guys power it, we’ve both been to Disney countless amounts of times and we read crazy amounts of books on Disney.

We would love for fellow mouse buzzers to tell us what you’d like to hear a review on.

Maybe a restauraunt you’ve never been to and aren’t sure what to expect.

We can go over things for all age groups.

And we are going to theme every podcast.

The reason for such the plain background was bc we just wanted to introduce ourselves.

We can’t wait to have fun with this, we have a lot of things in mind!

Give us a chance!


P.S. Ask for reviews!:pirate:


Is there an age limit on the Bippidi Boppidi Boutique? Because if not, I think it would be awesome if you two went and got dolled up like princesses. Or maybe just one since someone has to film. Yeah, I haven’t seen that work, and I’m curious.


We’ll work on research of bbb when we go in august!


Great job!!!

Can’t wait to see more.


Good job! :smile:


very interesting I would like to hear more about the nightlife at disney


Awesome! It is great. I Love the idea and I can’t wait to see the next one.

Keep up the good work.