First week of Jan


We have decided that it is only fair that we take DS to WDW for his birthday just as we did Emilie for hers back in 2005. His birthday is Jan. 12 but we will need to go Dec. 31,2011 thru Jan. 7, 2012 due to Emilie being in school. (BONUS FOR ME my birthday is Jan.4). So I need info on the week after New Years. We will check in on New Years Eve so we know it will be crowded that day and New Years Day but what do you think about the rest of the week? I want to hear your experience.


I can’t help, but I just wanted to say I think it will be wonderful to see the New Year in at WDW. What a great way to start the year in your magical place- and celebrating birthdays too- fabulous, lucky you guys!


Just be mentally and physically prepared for the crowds. We went one New Year’s Eve/Day and won’t do that again. We could hardly move in the parks and the parks were full to capacity. People started staking out their firework viewing spots in Epcot as early as 6pm. 6 hours of standing around just wasn’t worth it. Each of the countries did light up as their country hit New Year’s Eve which was pretty cool, but after seeing that once, we will not endure the crowds to see it again. Good luck!


Since we know how crazy ridiculous the parks will be on Dec.31 and that is our check in day, we are leaning toward just hanging out the resort.


I think it clears out some, but there will be people coming in for the marathon-if that is during your time… I would guess that people would start to leave on Sunday the 1st because schools would start back on Monday the 3rd.