First week of June Crowds (disneyland)?


The last time we were in Disneyland was for the 50 years celebration during the first week of December. I remember some of the bigger rides having a 2 hour wait.

Is this what we should expect or worse for our time. We will be there for
3 1/2 days. So I am hoping we can relax a bit and not worry about hitting all the rides in one day.



The first week of June shouldn’t be too bad.

Most schools are still in session.

You do have the “June Gloom”, however, so it’s a bit overcast in the morning.



I can deal with “June Gloom” if it turns sunny in the afternoon.


You’ll get nice afternoons, and then it will get chilly in the evening. June is what lockers were made for!


We’ve been going to DL in June the past 2 year & the time before that was the first week of June. To be honest I never thought the crowds were THAT bad; granted, the last two years I’ve caught the Pirates re-opening & Nemo madness so all things considered it’s been great. I’ve defiantely noticed that the first two hours of park opening are actually near empty when I’ve been so take advantage of that. Late afternoon can get a bit crazy so plan some pool time. :smile:


We will be there June 3-8, so I am hoping it is a better time to go than later in June. We went the last week in June back in 2005 and it was really crowded (DL was crowded, DCA never seemed to be too bad except TOT had a 180 min wait and there were no fast passes being give out for that one while we were there, so we never did get to ride it.)
Have fun and let’s cross our fingers that we beat the majority of the summer crowds!


I live in Colorado, so what does chilly mean in So. Cal? Chilly here means freezing or colder.


I am hoping too!! My fingers are crossed! DCA never seems crowded to me!

I see you are staying at the DLH too, I can’t wait!!


If all goes well [keeping fingers crossed] I will be at the Disneyland Hotel from June 21st-24th too :biggrin:! Too bad all of our paths won’t cross.

I agree with Experiment6-2-6, there is some weird gloomy chilliness early in the morning sometimes. Never enough to make me wear a jacket or anything but it DEFINATELY has always cleared out for us by 10:30ish am no problems. Then it’s REALLY REALLY warm and sunny. I do remember wearing a light 3/4 sleeve jean jacket at night a couple times but I sware it never felt cooler than the high 50’s/low 60’s at night or early in the morning.

The adjustment to ‘no humidity’ is really hard for me too but if you are from Colorado it might be a little better. I’ve never lived more than 5 miles from the humid Atlantic Ocean. :laugh:


I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you too!! To bad though, would love to meet you!

Yeah, I’m not a humidity girl, don’t know what to do with moisture in my skin, lol!!! But I am glad it will be warm and beautiful!!



You probably wouldn’t notice it…

Just a low temp with the marine layer of clouds.

Just a shady day in Colorado.


The first week of June is probably the best time to go in the summer season as its usually the least crowded time of the Summer season.


Thanks to everyone!!