First week of May?


I’m planning our 2010 trip and at the moment aiming for the first week of may…Now the question is Is there anything going on there at Disney that week??? Like Cheerleading or Grad Nights???


Don’t know if anything is planned, but we’ve been many times for the 1st week of May and it is a great time to go. Great weather, low crowds, little to no rain, beautiful time of year. Have a great trip!!


I second that–great time of the year to go! Have FUN!


We will be there April 27-May 9th…It’s a great time to go. Beautiful weather, crowds are okay. You’ll be there during the International Flower and Garden Festival…beautiful topiaries all over the parks. We were there the same time in 2007, and it was wonderful. Where are you staying?


Most of our trips have been first week of May, and they’ve all been great. We went January of '09, and the crowds were even smaller then, but in May the parks only seemed crowded from like 11-4. The rest of the day was great.


You have picked an excellent time to go. I believe it is just the Flower and Garden Festival at that time. The weather is wonderfull and crowds are low. I love going at that time.


I third that !!! :laugh:
We were there early May last year, Low crowds… but it did rain a couple of days while there. Nothing horrible, just your typical Florida rain that last for ten minutes then the sun comes out.
We just had to cancel our 2010 March trip due to finances, but we think we might have overcome that and we are discussing May again … Maybe around Mother’s Day.


We were there Mothers Day in 2009 and it was GREAT!! I think the first few weeks in May are a awesome time to go. I wish we could have gone in May this year but school does not get out till June.


Also agree w/ great time. We have gone during this time. You will run into school groups/class trips from stateside and foreign schools. If you see a group in front of you who many times have a tour guide with them the short line could temporarily get long. Other than that enjoy the weather.


I’m sure I’ll get flak, but I pull my boys out of school to go. I’m not guarenteed a vacation in the summer or at Easter, and not allowed to take one over christmas, so if I want to plan a vacation i have to pull them out of school. This time they will be missing 8 days of school. I’m fortunate that the younger one is in Kindergarten, so no big deal and the older one is a good student.


I pull my kids out of school for vacations. My thoughts on the matter is that if your child was ill and misses a week of school there is not a problem, but people want to get crazy when you want to have a trip full of togetherness. I always make sure that they get their work ahead of time and complete it.


I agreee completely. I make it a point not to let my kids miss any school (unless of course they are really sick) for any other reason. I figure that I could home school them If I choose, so for one week a year they get a different kind of education. I am worried about the make-up work this time. My 3rd grader gets 45-60 minutes of homework a night, plus studying for tests. Not sure how we’re going to make all that up…


May is the single best month to visit of all time!!! The weather, the garden festival… low crowds. Perfection!


This discussion is tempting me to take a mini vacation right before the end of the school year!


I agree 110%!! We’ve taken 3 trips in May so far and each one has been perfect.


May 10th - 14th… Already booked! Come join in the fun again like December! :goofybounce: Get some use outta that AP!! :mickey:

Went last May and booked my 2010 trip as soon as I could through DVC. Great experience and a beautiful time to go for sure!!


We would love to meet up with you guys again. However, I am not sure what the admin would say about taking the 10 - 14 off when the school year ends the 24th!?!


[QUOTE=goofy_scotty;1010676]May 10th - 14th… Already booked! Come join in the fun again like December! :goofybounce: Get some use outta that AP!! :mickey:

Your arriving the day after we leave:happy:


We were deciding between the end of Sept. or the week after Thanksgiving (which is my favorite time!), but my husband just now told me to move it up to the last week of April or the 1st week of May!!! I am so excited. Now, is there a difference between the last week of April & the 1st week of May in terms of crowds or can we expect pretty much the same as the answers for the 1st week of May???


we did april 29-May 9th in 2007, the crowds were fine. It was much busier when we went Dec 2-10 2008. The weather was nice also, warm enough to swim, not scorching hot. There were a few time we waited 30 minutes, but most of the time it was 20 or less. I’m hoping for the same this year. It isn’t during free dining or anything, so I think the crowds should be nice. We plan on 2 days in each park, 3 in MK so we don’t feel rushed…