Fishing at POR


We’re staying at POR in July/Aug and I wanted to see if anyone knew the details about fishing from the shore within the POR property. Do you have to stay in a certain area or can you fish anywhere? I’ve read where it’s catch and release, but I wanted to see if we would be restricted to a certain area without having to purchase a Guided Fishing Trip. The wife has already informed me that this wouldn’t be an option since I fish pretty much each week already. It’s just not an everyday possibility of hooking into a nice 10lb’er. There ain’t may that large around north Georgia.:blink:


As far as I know, there’s a fishing dock from which you can fish. It is close by the Old Man Island pool. Very fun. I have never seen anyone fish from shore.


see there is fishing and yes it is confined to a small area on Ol man Island. |You rent a pole no reel and rod and drop it in with some small bait
The fish are tiny at best. If u wanna fish take the fishing excursion we say a young boy land a nice size bass roght near rainforest cafe it had to have been close to 5 pounds.
Its expensive for sure but its guided and seems to be fun.
Hope this helps


Here’s the real deal:

I have seen many people fishing with those cane poles, and I have NEVER seen anyone catch a fish. In the water, I have seen a few blue gill (about 3" long or so!!!), but have yet to see one of those whoppers actually hit a line.

If you want the real fishing experience (which will include some enormous large mouth bass!!!) you need to do a fishing excursion, which they offer at several places with large bodies of water. I would avoid the lake at Marketplace and instead opt to head out into Bay Lake (you can leave from WL or Contemporary) and really pull out some big ones.

You’ll get a B.A.S.S. guide who knows the waters and you will get some amazing photos. Ask them to take you back into the swampy areas behind Contemporary as well as along the islands in the middle of Bay Lake. This is totally worth the money if you really want to catch fish.


I dont ever recall seeing anyone catching a fish at POR either, those fish have probably wised up to whats going on!! Im not big on fishing, but if I was going to do it, Id go for the excursion and do it in style!