Fishing excursion question? Crescent Lake


I went with my brother-in-law on a fishing excursion several years ago out of the Wilderness Lodge. The fishing was really good even though was a bit chilly that morning but we had a great time and caught lots of fish. We are taking family members down again (including my brother-in-law) on this trip and I am thinking of booking another fishing excursion. We will be staying at Boardwalk. My question is how is the fishing? Crescent Lake and the canal to Disney’s Hollywood Studios seems kind of small, so I was wondering if they venture into World Showcase Lagoon even if the park is closed in the morning.


No craft other than Friendships and Illuminations work boats ever sail World Showcase Lagoon.
I just don’t like boating Crescent Lake because it is so confined and loaded with no wake zones.
I’d stick to Bay Lake/Seven Seas Lagoon for any real boating or water sports.

We know there are plenty of fish in Crescent Lake because you can always see them at the Yacht’s dock and at the DHS Friendship landing.
But I don’t think I’ve seen anything that would give you a good fight.
Again, look to the big lake. I feel the same about the waterways that connect DTD with PO and OKW. Too confined and too speed restricted.


It was a great trip. Two you should concentrate on fishing with nets and three targets.