Fishing excursion


wondering if anyone has ever done the fishing excursions with disney and if so, their thoughts? worth the money and time?


I highly recommend the fishing excursion. DH & the boys loved it! :heart: They gave it to him for Father’s day one year and he said it was the best one yet. He often refers to this as being one of his favorite Disney memories. I think that is well worth it! Anyway, here is a link to my TR with lots of photos for you to check out about the excursion:

Let me know if you have any other questions.


thank you!


We have done this twice and it is worth every sibgle penny. We caught 25 bass in two hours and my kids had a blast. Just awesome. You should check in the back of the Birbaughm (sp?) Guide book. When we went there was a coupon there for 20% off which is a chunk of change and certainly pays for the book+.


great advice! I will check out the book. It would be the highlight of my DS15. He eats, sleeps and breaths fishing!! :huh:


The fishing is really good. I wish I had a picture of some of the fish on my computer at work as I would post them.


what about renting our own pontoon boat and doing that vs. using a guide?


You could but you would need to know the spots and get bait, poles, etc…

IMO it is worth it to have the guide along for all that.


It is so much fun! I have been on that excursion twice and i am not a huge fishing person but its so much fun! Def go its worth it!!


Thanks for the post. Every time we go to Disney and my husband sees the boats he says he is going to do it sometime. We love fishing but I never thought it would be worth it to go while in Disney. I’ll have to seriously consider now and I’ll check out the link.


My DS15 hasn’t stopped talking about fishing at disney since he saw MickeyMotto’s pictures. . .looks like we are going to book the excursion!!


Glad to hear it. Your going to have a great time, Make sure you post your own pics when you get back and share them with us!


I will. . .and thanks!!!:happy::happy:


I am glad to hear you are going. It is some of the best bass fishing I have ever been a part of.


so, morning or evening?

I’d like middle of day and catch from rays, but sure that is not when the fish are biting!


[QUOTE=Magic;1060842]so, morning or evening?

I’d like middle of day and catch from rays, but sure that is not when the fish are biting![/QUOTE]

Well, I was told most fish bite in the early morning and in the early evening. So I suppose it would also depend on when you are going. If you are going in the summer it will likely be super hot mid day. We went in June and it was hot! We choose early morning and were glad we did.

It was tough getting the boys out that early, but I warned them and had all their clothes ready for them to jump into that morning so all they had to do was basic maitenance and it made it much easier. After they rolled out of bed (literally) and were out on the dock, they were just fine. It was beautiful to watch the sunrise over the Poly (where we were staying) and there was no one out so I was able to get some great pics too.

After our excursion, I made late morning ADRs at Ohana for breakfast. It was a perfect way to finish our perfect morning! I would do it exactly the same if we were to do it again.

So I would suggest whatever works best for you, your family and your schedule.


I am thinking about morning. Otherwise, we will have to listen to DS15 talk about it all day :blush:

I like your idea of breakfast at POLY afterwards. That sounds great.



[QUOTE=Magic;1060842]so, morning or evening?

I’d like middle of day and catch from rays, but sure that is not when the fish are biting![/QUOTE]

We purposely took the 7:00AM slot for that very reason (better fishing). I would go early and then schedule a late breakfast at Chef Mickey’s or another monorail restaurant!