Fishing excursions


Helllo everyone. I wanted to do something special for my DH for our 9th anniversary since he had this wonderful idea last week to go to Disney and celebrate. FOr those of you that know me I usually travel to WDW byself and our DD’s because he doesnt care for it. So I wanted to kind of show him that there is more to WDW than parks.
I booked us a Fishing excursion today for 5-12 (our actual anniversary) When I called the CM said that there was only avail out of DTD and CR resort. I picked DTD because I wanted to go to wolf gang pucks for lunch that day anyways so I thought we would already be in the location.

I was wondering of anyone had any reviews good or bad about this experience. I tried to google some and came up with old ones. Does anyone have pictures and advise:happy: Thanks all


I love fishing in Disney! I went once with my dad for my birthday and on our last trip in January with my dad, brother, and niece. We always go out for the Yatch Club though because then the guide usually brings you into the world show case lagoon! Both time i have gone we caught a lot of fish and laughed a lot! You will have a great time take lot’s of pics!


Thanks so much. Im so excited because he has no idea


I 've never done that Kate, But it sounds like a winner. He should be pleasantly suprised. Talk him into a day at Typhoon Lagoon as well…Just don’t bring the fishing poles:laugh:.


:laugh: I wont bring the poles.:laugh: Ive asked him about TL and he didnt seem too interested. We did a water park back in 05 when he went. Not his cup of tea I guess and besides we are only there for 5 nights so I already feel that we are on a time crunch:pinch: