We will be staying one day at POFQ. I know that the Riverside has fishing opportunities. I was curious on the operation. Do you pay per hour or day? Also does the fee include fishing equiptment. I believe they only give bamboo sticks with line and hook. Any info. would be appreciated. :cool:


Here is some info that I found for you:

Junior Fishing Excursions
(Kids’ Fishing Around the World)

The Junior Fishing Excursion is a one-hour long excursion available for guests ages 6-12.

Pickup is available from the following resort marinas and locations:

Old Key West
Sat. & Sun. only; 10 - 11am
Grand Floridian Resort
Sat. & Sun. only; 10 - 11am
Wilderness Lodge & Fort Wilderness Campground
Sat. & Sun. only; 10 - 11am
Yacht & Beach Club Resorts
Mon. - Fri. only; pickup between 10 & 10:15am

Community Hall at BoardWalk Resort – BoardWalk Villa side near the quiet pool
Mon. - Fri. only; pickup between 10am & 10:15am

Call the Resort Recreation Reservation Center at (407) WDW-PLAY (407-939-7529) for reservations and information.

Ages: 6-12
Price: $28.16 (plus tax) per Guest

 Dockside Fishing

Riverside at Port Orleans
Fishing Hole at Ol' Man Island

Catch-and-release cane pole fishing is also availabe without advance reservations at the following locations:

--Port Orleans Riverside Ol' Man Island at the Fishin' Hole
--Fort Wilderness Resort & Campgrounds

Hours are 7 a.m. - 3 p.m. and vary seasonally. The fishing areas are stocked with catfish, bass, and blue gill, and a catch is almost certain.

Cost  -- Cane Pole & Worms - $4/hour OR Family Fishing - $12.50/hour (up to 6 people)


I know this is a big bump, but does any one have experience with the dockside fishing?


All fishing in WDW is catch and release.
Just give me a Sea Raycer and a sunny day on Seven Seas Lagoon/Bay Lake. I don’t need to fish.


bribren – we have spent hours and hours and hours and hours at POR trying to catch a fish. Not ony have we never cought a fish there, but we have never seen anyone else catch a fish there, either.

However – if you are really wanting to catch something, head over to DTD and rent a boat or have a guide take you out. Better yet, go over to WL or Contempo and have a guide take you out on Bay Lake and into the Seven Seas Lagoon. There are a lot of bass there, really big ones, and they are seriously hungry!

If you decide to do this, I am sure that all the guides are terrific. We especially enjoyed guide Carrie (Kerry? Karrie?).


Thanks for the info. I have a 6 yo who would like to fish, but I don’t know about a whole excursion. Maybe at Fort Wilderness.


:laugh:[QUOTE=bribren;938420]Thanks for the info. I have a 6 yo who would like to fish, but I don’t know about a whole excursion. Maybe at Fort Wilderness.[/QUOTE]

Yeah. I would definitely fish off the dock at FW instead of POR, if you really want to get some bites. You should have no problem if you use worms or hot dogs.

However, I should say that my kids were happy at that age to sit at POR for what seemed like hours, with their lines in the water, just sort of waiting for nothing!


Funny, I forgot all about this thread. My 9 year old, the oldest SKwak son, and I took a boat ride to RS while we were at DTD. The boat ride was nice and relaxing. We caught nothing, but it really didn’t matter. DW & DD were shopping anyway. The boys had fun, and I think it only cost a total of $10.00