Fitness center


Can anyone tell me what the Fitness center is like at OKW resort and also is there an extra charge for the use of this facility or can you use it all if you are a guest of the resort?? Thanks


If your a guest of the resort there is no charge. At least there wasn’t last time I stayed there. I can’t tell you more cause I’ve never used it.


Been there and used it. I like that after hours you need your room key to get in. I like to work out in wee hours of the morning and it makes me feel good to know that no one can sneak up on me and scare the pooh out of me:laugh:

The equipment is basic stuff, but it gets the job done. It is never crowded.


My DH has used that gym Polly and the one at CSR too. We weren’t even staying there, but they let him in when he showed his resort room key- no charges either. He really liked them both.


Thats brill…thank you guys :slight_smile: