FL Resident Birthday Ticket Upgrade Question


So I know that Florida Residents have the option to upgrade their free birthday admission ticket to a 3-Day-Play Pass for $55 plus tax, or to a seasonal or annual pass, also at a discounted rate. Does anyone know if this option to upgrade expires ON your birthday, or if (as with other ticket upgrades), you have six months from the first use to choose to upgrade?

DH and I recently upgraded our 3-Day-Play passes to seasonal passes, and were told by the CM that our daughters, who had only used their free birthday tickets so far this year, could also upgrade their tickets on their next visit, as long as it’s within 6 months of their birthdays. I spoke to a CM on the phone this morning, and she said it had to be done on the same day (actual birthday). Now I’m confused…I can’t find any clarity on the website. Anyone know the answer? :confused:



I am not totally sure of the answer. When we were at WDW for DS’s 3rd Bday, we just bought the Seasonal Pass on his birthday minus the cost of the 1 day ticket.

Also remember, if you wait six months to switch it to a seasonal, the expiration date is calculated from the day the ticket was first used on their birthday.


You have 14 days to upgrade a ticket.


Thanks for the info…it’s still a little clear as mud, since I’ve heard 3 different rules from 3 different sources, but I guess we’ll find out this weekend for sure!