FL Tours


Anyone ever used FL Tours for MCO to WDW? Came across it and was wondering if it was the same as Tiff Town Car. $60 one way, $109 round trip and incl a 30 min grocery stop. Sounds about the same.


I have heard of tons of people using Quicksilver.

Are you staying at a villa? They can deliver groceries to your room for $5, which is pretty reasonable.


No I have a group going, 1/2 are staying at SoG the others are renting a 4 bdrm house. Some are driving in and some are flying so I was looking for an alternative to offer other than Mears since none would qualify for ME.


I’m one of the Quicksilver zealots. While I have not used FL Tours, I have used other car services. No one compares to the service provided by QS (imho).


I have to agree with Boss. :ohmy: We have used a couple of other car services also, but none of them compare to QS.


How often can someone say that?!?

There are a ton of car services, and I haven’t used any others down there but I have to cast another strong vote vote for Quicksilver. Always been a good experience.


That does have a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?




Look out, Boss is feeling good about himself.


I think I got cabin fever - I just shot six holes in my freezer.