Flag Family


Do they still have this at WL? I just looked on allears and I can’t find anything about it except reader reviews and the last one was from 2005.



I found this on allears.net. Is this the same review that you read?

The Wilderness Lodge Flag Family of the day gets to climb up to the roof of the Wilderness Lodge and assist with raising the flags for the day. (At one time you could also take the flags down, but that has stopped). It’s a wonderful treat that can only be requested at check-in, prior reservations are not possible. Visit our Flag Family Scrapbook!

Wilderness Lodge Fact Sheet

Here is another link. I hope it helps!
MousePlanet Park Guide


I haven’t heard that it ended.

We were the flag family during our 2003 trip and loved it. I have the best picture on a shelf above our computer with my DILS, DH, and my then 5 year old son on the roof with the American flag.


We did that one time. It was way fun. You should totally do it if it’s still there.


I really want to do this and I am aware of the asking at check in etc.

I went to allears (yes, that is the same stuff I found - thank you ssjaz) just to read more recent reviews, to see if anything changed etc and it has not been updated since 2005. I have not heard it on here in a while so I was just checking.

I guess i’ll just ask at checkin and see what happens.



We were the flag family during our most recent trip in March '08. It was quite an honor meeting Ranger Stan. It was a beautiful day, we were able to see all the parks from the top of the building.


Oh good, I am so glad to hear that. I really, really want to do this.

Do you think a lot of people ask for this or is it a lesser known thing?

I am worried that we are checking in on a Monday and they will be full for the week by the time I ask.



we checked in on sunday and the only day available was thursday of the week we were there. it doesn’t hurt to ask when you check in.


Uggg. That does not sound good but I will still ask.

Thanks again.



If I ever stay at WL,this is the first thing I’d love to do.


Well since you are going in Sept like we are, it seems to be a “slower” time so you (and I) may have a better chance to getting a day in!


I hope you are right.



We were unable to secure a day when we stayed there. Don’t fret over it though, it’s still a fabulous place. Maybe you can keep it a secret from the kids so if it doesn’t pan out they won’t be disappointed.


Yeah, I’m not even telling DH about it. If we get to do it I want it to be a surprise.



That’s what I did, I told no one until I set it up. When we did it there was one opening during our trip for our last full day. It seems the longer your trip the better chance you have to book it. We were there for 8 days and the first 7 days were already booked when we checked in.