Flame tree BBQ Smells


MMMMMMM… :tongue: love that dry rub on the Chicken!!!
What are some of your favorite resteraunt smell sites on Disney property???
another favorite food smell spots is the river canyon just outside the Oh Canada movie


Can I pick everywhere? :confused: There are so many! :mickey:


I have 4 words for you, The Tusker House Rules!



Well, even though I don’t really like to eat them, the smell of those turkey legs is awesome…


Slarty, I’ve got some very bad news for you.

Went to FT in February. They got rid of the chicken sandwhich. :eek: :nonono2: :frown: :mad: :angry: :excl: :huh:

I was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo disappointed. :crying:


The smell coming out of the bakery on Main Street!!!


That is an awesome smell…too bad it’s piped in and not real!!!



Main Street Bakery!!!


as an ex-castmember from the MK, I have to say the Utilidor. and the best part is, when i take the trash out to the curb (its wednesday… gotta do that tonight :glare:) i am reminded of it. i just wish that i had the AVAC system like they do so i could just dumpt the trash bags into a bin and watch it dissapear!!!

i know this seems weird, but this is coming From someone who liked the Pepto-bismol pink CastleCake

AVAC is the vacuum system used to move trash out of the parks, in case you didnt know…


Good news!!! the half chicken still has the dry rub. Had it 2 weeks ago and it was delish!


Someday I gotta take the backstage tour. I’m an old Chef from way back and how things work would facinate me to no end… even waste removal. :nuke: I know its twisted… :ohmy:


I know, that was one of my main reasons for wanting to do the college program. prior to that, i didnt know that there was a backstage tour. because i did, i got to see the backstage areas of ALL the parks!!!


This isn’t a restaurant smell, but I like Fall of Rome from Spaceship earth… and the smell of those turkey legs attract me pretty well too! :wub:


I can only take a little of that burning of Rome smell. It makes my nose itch after a while :pinch: I’d hate to be stuck there when the ride stops!!


I like the fall of Rome smell too. Reminds me of camping without the giant moths


The of marshmellow/chocolate smell in the christmas parade.

I don’t know if knowing that the smell from the bakery is fake bothers me or not. I always loved that smell. I guess I will just have to pretend!


My wife nominates the Gingerbread smell in the lobby of the Grand Floridian at Christmastime


Ohhhh I’ve NEVER seen OR smelled that. I gotta go back. HEY SLARTY??? :heart: :wub:


I love the smell of the Main Street Ice Cream Shop waffle cones being made! It’s sort of the same smell as the Bakery so now that has me wondering!

I also love the popcorn! Something about MK popcorn just tastes better than anywhere else!


Now you’re talkin!!!
You wont get me in there over New Years again :eek: but pre christmas sounds great