Flame Tree or Yak and Yeti counter?


We are hitting up Animal Kingdom on our last day before flying out in the evening and want to grab a somewhat substantial counter service meal for lunch. I’ve never eaten anything beyond ice cream at AK so I am completely unfamiliar with their counter service places.

My mom is curious about the counter service at Yak and Yeti and I am intrigued by Flame Tree.

I would love to hear people’s impressions of both.


We always eat lunch at the Flaming Tree BBQ. We love the place. We love eating down by the lake and looking across it at Everest Expedition. Plus watching the birds and alligators. The food is great.


We love eating at the Flame Tree but when we were there in December they were having a terrible time with bird droppings.:eek: I saw more people with bird poo on their clothes and one woman even got it in her salad. The birds were up in the trees and…well…I guess they were just doing what birds do.:crying: They do have good food though.


We always eat at the Flaming Tree BBQ. They have the best ribs and beans. The only thing is my dd who was 2 at the time was scared because ducks kept coming by us when we were eating under on of the covered areas. They come right up to you begging for food!


We love Flame Tree, it’s our lunch stop everytime we’re at AK. I would like to try Yaki and Yeti, I’ve heard some good review for it.


We went to Yak and Yeti this past Nov. and did not like it at all. I would try something different next time.


I’m going to go against the grain here and say that we really enjoyed Yak and Yeti counter service (the honey chicken was really yummy) and are not big fans of FlameTree. We have had BBQ all over the country and Flame Tree is not that great.

I guess it depends on if you are in the mood for barbecue or Chinese.


Thanks for asking this question! We’re debating the exact same thing. DS loves honey chicken so that’s a factor. DS and DH love barbecued ribs so that’s a factor, but DS doesn’t like it too spicy. So, is the barbecue spicy? (DH likes Chinese, too.) I prefer Chinese food but really am not picky when it comes to WDW :laugh:.


We tried the sit down rest. for Yak and Yeti this past November. It was OK…not bad or good…well except for the fried rice…BLECH! So anyway…I think we’d choose Flame Tree over Yak and Yeti because we’ve always had good luck there.


We like both. I think we actually like the Flame Tree more for the quiet dining location than the food. The food to us is just OK.

For food, we would prefer the Yak and Yeti however, the seating is not as peaceful.


[QUOTE=skwak;929829]We like both. I think we actually like the Flame Tree more for the quiet dining location than the food. The food to us is just OK.

For food, we would prefer the Yak and Yeti however, the seating is not as peaceful.[/QUOTE]

I would agree with you exactly.


Yak and Yeti is Ok at best, but Flame Tree is really good.


Thanks for the opinions everyone, keep them coming! Though I am bit worried about the bird issue, I am leaning towards Flame Tree because I have always wanted to try it.


We are rarely at AK long enough to eat, but we did do the CS at Yak and Yeti in November. I thought the food was great! But that Flame Tree smells so good as you walk by. I was just saying that I have got to try it one day!!


Flame Tree, Flame Tree, Flame Tree. The lake side eating area is the best location to recharge your batteries for a quick service sitting area. While many other food locations are great for people watching, the sitting areas in the trees for Flame Tree will add to your AK experience. AK is always our relax park as we take our time. Besides WS for the F&W festival, we spent more time in AK relaxing on our 9 day trip this fall.


sorry we are exceptions to the majority at least I am … we have eaten at flame tree twice neither time was i impressed. the last time i had a chicken sandwich it was so dry. the roll was terrible. . the beans were terrible. my dh had the chicken it was ok… we are doing tusker house this time.


Flame Tree BBQ is a must-eat on all my trips. Love it! Never had anything but great food there and a great sitting area as well.


Flame tree for us too, great food and a real nice place to sit and eat it!!


Yak and Yeti has good quick service as i remember. The food was FANTASTIC, and they had paper straws there for the save the trees and animals thing there which was soo 1980’s


I have not been to Flame Tree yet, but I do like Yak & Yeti CS. I got pork something, which was pretty good, but Baloo got the honey chicken and it was DELICIOUS!!! I ate most of his. :blush: They do have a neat little themed seating area in back, but I would agree with a previous comment - it’s not really peaceful. We had to stalk people to grab a table, because there were not enough seats for everyone eating (this was when it first opened… I’m not sure if it’s still as crowded). And there were kids running between the tables and splashing in the fountain right next to us while we ate (although that was our fault for taking the table by the fountain!).

Anyway, my point… it was tasty, especially the honey chicken! But the atmosphere is nothing special.