Flatbread Grill at MGM


Has anyone tried this restaurant yet? The menu looks pretty good.



Wow, hmm, that must be a new menu. When we went in August it was still like all the hotdogs and stuff there. Sounds like a GREAT improvement!!! I hope someone has the scoop on it!

That chicken stew with saffron rice sounds delic!!!


I know! It looks like a nice change from the usual burger and fries.


Excellent! The menu looks good.
Thanks for brining this up. I am going to plan on a lunch there this trip.


This looks great! I am going to follow BUZZ there in May!!! :ninja:


Ohh that does sound good for counter service. It’s good to see something different on a quick service menu.


Looks like something new to try. :smile: Thanks for the info DT.


No problem. I am obsessed with the menus, I keep going over and over them looking to plan the perfect trip.


Now the perfect trip is to just stay in WDW and never come home right? :wink:


LOL, we were seperated at birth, I love the menus :wub:

I was looking at this menu just last night and wondering about it. It seems like a yummy option.


We must be, I look at them every day thinking I’ve missed something.


ooooo I want the Pulled Pork Sub! …now I,m hungry!