Flight Purchase Timing Q


Hello Fellow MBers:

I have a good one for you so bear with me. :laugh:

I am planning our Disney 1/2 Marathon Trip for early January. We live in NJ so we can easily fly out of Newark which is not a bad airport to deal with. We can also fly out of Westchester (great airport) or LaGuardia or JFK (less great but sometimes the fares make it the deal).

Right now, we can book Continental or United on the days we want at many different “good” times for $205 RT. That is a pretty good fare based on the past few years. I would always prefer JetBlue due to the TV’s and Baggage Fees but they have not released those dates yet.

I just got an e-mail saying that JetBlue will release dates this Sunday. I kind of remember that the last time I waited for JetBlue to release, they were more expensive and right after all the other airlines seemed to raise their fares in response. I think this happened.

So the question is:

Book Continental now or wait for JetBlue Sunday?

What would you do? :ohmy:


Book at 205 and walk away.


I agree, book now only for the simple fact of what happened in the past with JetBlue.

If you are still unsure, try looking up dates in which JetBlue has airfares available and compare with the other airlines and airports. That may help you decide whether to wait or not.


Put yourself at peace of mind and book the $205. The way rates have been over the past 6 months, I would not chance it at all.