Flight times


Going on our first Disney three night cruise in May and wondering if 11:00 am is too early to make flight out of Orlando. My understanding is that the ship will dock at 7:30 am Sunday morning and our flight is already scheduled for 11:oo but wondering now if that is going to be too tight. How long might it take to disembark ship? Even if we are able to leave by 8:30 or 9:00 am we should be alright. Any thoughts on this? Thank heaps!


Just let them know when your flight is and they will make sure you get off in time. I wouldn’t make your flight too late because they want you off the boat FAST to prepare for the next cruise and then you don’t have anything to do but wait in the airport.


Thanks so much for such a quick response! It puts my mind at rest! Good advise!


They disembark the ship based on your flight plans or otherwise. My DH and I went on the 7-night Western Caribbean on the Magic in October and we stayed an additional week after the cruise so we were some of the last to get off the ship we were still out of there by 9:00 am. Don’t you worry they will make sure you make it to the airport on time.