Flight to Disney and back


Someone say something to make me feel better, 'cause I’m starting to lose it here. Please don’t rattle off the statistics because I know all that. I don’t like to fly, and I’ve got some Xanax, but I need to feel better about this. :crying:


Jenny look at the big picture not the flight!!! Once you fly you will be a the most Magical place in the world!! Try to focus on Disney not on flying!!
Take Disney guidebooks on the plane to read and dream of Disney days!! :happy:

Then while you are there maybe buy a new Disney CD to listen to on the way home!!!

Everything will be fine!!! :wink:


Jenny - My BIL has a furniture business which causes him to fly to Europe and Asia at least five or six times a year. He has been doing this for 20 years and NOTHING has ever happened. Likewise, two friends, both flight attendants. I don’t like to fly either, but just focus on what’s at the end of the trip. Two hours before you leave, drug yourself up, get a good Disney guide book to read and dream of the castle. If there’s a movie, watch it. Also, get to the airport in good time. The less rushed you are, the less stressed you are. Ask yourself this: would parents take little children on planes if it wasn’t safe?


I don’t like to fly either, but conflictingly enough, I love to travel.

The last time I have been on a plane was on Sept. 4th, 2001, on a cross-country United flight, bound for Los Angeles, yes, the day the terrorists made their dry run. I haven’t flown since. Dh has.

Prior to that, we had been everywhere in just the year or two prior - Hawaii, Iowa, Michigan, New York, and even Greece (my dh is Greek). But after Sept. 11th, I had no desire to go anywhere.

Until now. I probably still wouldn’t go if my brother who lives in Tallahassee weren’t bugging me to come out. For the past 3 years he’s made all the trips out here, and now it’s my turn, esp. since I have a beautiful new nephew waiting for me on the other end.

So off to Florida we go! Can anyone recommend some good drugs? Xanax you say? LOL :angel:

Seriously - I’m going to talk to my doctor. Or I’m going to be a wreck.


I used to be a road warrior, flying into the US 2-3 times / week (thank goodness that’s done with), and I’ve been through everything in a plane. I won’t sugar-coat it…when it gets hairy, she ain’t pretty. But if there’s anything to remember, your pilots are almost always ex-military, and could probably do a barrel roll in the big birds if they had to. N. American airline pilots are a pretty talented breed - something very bad would have to happen to make it so they couldn’t recover, and at that point, no sense in worrying about it.

Gloomy? Nah. Don’t over-medicate yourself as it makes the trip itself brutal. Don’t drink as that can exacerbate problems - and if you watch that show Airline, you’ll know that they often deny boarding to inebriated passengers. One can take Gravol as it also zones you out while preventing nausea, but the hangover lasts a good 4 hours (and takes 40 minutes to kick in) - AND don’t drink with this (you’ll appear to be very intoxicated).

Truth be told, the best way is to remove yourself from the situation as best as you can. If it gets bumpy, close your eyes and you’re on a very dark Space Mountain. Do something mentally stimulating, like a cross word puzzle.

The absolute worse thing to endure, IMHO, is an aborted landing. Air pockets and bad weather have nothing on that - but fortunately, you’re off the plane shortly after it occurs. I lived through one flight where we were aborted three times because the fog cover was still too thick at 200 ft up. I arrived in Ottawa at 1:30pm for a 9am meeting that I was chairing, and I was a little rattled. The only other time was a mistake by the control tower.

Scary? Shouldn’t be. Why? I’ve only been concerned a mere handful of times, and I’ve travelled at least 500K miles in planes (that’s how many I still have in the Air Canada program, and I’ve cashed in no less that 300K in tickets. I am as comfortable in a plane as one can get, and I still don’t like lots of chop - but if it means going to WDW, she’s all good.

Best of luck!


I just flew back from Ft. Lauderdale. Two planes, the last a small commuter jet (which I actually prefer). When I said drug yourself up I didn’t mean become so out-of-it that they won’t let you on the plane. I took one Bonamine 2 hours before I left. It just takes the edge off and mellows you out. On the flight you might feel a little drowsy. You can safely take 2, but one was enough for me. I agree, don’t drink. It makes everything worse.


Hey Jenny:

I’ll try to give you the same pep talk I give DW for the weeks leading up to a trip. But first, let me tell you about something we witnessed the other day.

We’re fortunate to live in South Boston, Massachusetts and walking distance to a jetty called “Castle Island” which sits at the end of one of the major runways at Logan International Airport. It’s ironic that DW really doesn’t like to fly (anymore… long story) but she loves to watch them fly.

The other day, we were watching planes take off and there was a big Boeing 777 Lufthansa that took off and it was remarkable to see something that big get into the air. Less than 2 minutes later, we were graced with another big bird… this time a Swiss Air 777. At about 75-100 feet off the ground, the plane began tipping to one side and then the other. DW grabbed my arm and said, “Matt… look… it’s gonna crash!” I said, “No it won’t.”

Sure enough, it didn’t. He probably got caught in the turbulence left by the other plane and had to work a little harder than usual on this flight. Based on the traffic that night, I’d bet that there was a controller that tried to “sneak” one more takeoff before a series of planes that were preparing to land.

The moral of this story? The pilots are professionals and re-emphasizing Buzz’s point… they know what they are doing. The training that commercial pilots get today is amazing. The simulators they use are remarkable. How do we know that your pilot could respond to bad weather, odd wind currents, or the even more rare mechanical difficulty? Because he’s already done it in a simulator, probably numerous times.

I’ve done so much research on air accidents over the past few years in order to be better equipped for DW’s concerns. I know you don’t want to hear about the statistics, but’s it’s incredible that with the exception of 2001 (and possibly 2002 - not all the data is publiclay available), each year, more and more people fly. Despite that, not only has the average rate of accidents/year fallen, but the average number of total accidents/year has fallen as well.

The airline industry may very well be the best maintained in the world.

Hope this helps.

Also, make sure you drink plenty of water. Being dehydrated on a plane will make it all that much less enjoyable.


Isn’t that funny… I don’t mind flying at all. In fact I quite like it.

But to me, the bigger the better.

Each of us has our own little quirks I guess.


I am with MerlinMatt. I really like flying. Just pretend you’re on a bus but with a much better view if flying during the day. At night, what you can’t see, can’t hurt you. Plus from your neck of the woods, it should be less than 2 hours. Take a book or take a Gravol and you should be fine!


What kind of medication is Gravol?

Matt - aren’t you scared out of your bejeebes flying out of Logan?


Gravol is a brand of dimenhydrate (AKA travel tabs).


Jenny, maybe you can try Benedryl. My pediatrician told us to use it for my son when we fly. It should make you a little drowsy, which may settle you nerves. Just a suggestion.


I’m kind of having the same problem. This will be my first time flying, ever. Since we decided to take the trip, I’ve been super excited, I love going to the airport to drop off family, etc. However, the past couple days, as it creeps up on me, I’ve been getting nervous. Hopefully the realization that WDW is on the other side of the flight will pump me up enough to be ok.


Jenny -

I am not a good flyer either,so I know how you feel. No statistical stuff from me. Just some good old fashioned pixie dust and a cyber hug to make you feel better about your flight. Just do your best to relax, take the pill and maybe grab a strong drink at the bar before you board…maybe you will just sleep on the plane. It’s what I always hope for. I have yet to take a flight without a double Captain straight-up…no matter what time I fly…lol You’ll be ok hon. :heart: If you need an extra dose or a pep talk, PM me anytime. :heart:


Remember, you are much safer in the air than you are on the ground. There are statistics that have proven that. :mickey:


Thanks very much for all the responses today guys, it means a lot. I’ve flown my whole life, and even to Russia and back, and for some bizzare reason when I was 18 (1996) it just became a phobia out of nowhere. I’ve tried courses, forums, books, alcohol, but nothing helps. I even went to see my school psychologist yesterday, but he’s scared of planes too! (Which makes me laugh, actually, it’s just too silly) I’m trying to get a grip, it’s only 2 hours, and it’s Newark and a 757, so I have nothing to be scared of, it’s just that falling from the sky is the worst way to go.

Anyhow, I’ll take my Xanax, have a drink to go with it, and I’m sure everything will be fine. I’m flying instead of driving not only because of a time issue, but also because there are many things and many places I want to go in this life and I find this phobia to be an extreme handicap, one which I would like to overcome. :pirate:


Jenny -

You can do it. Ease your way to that airport. Maybe make a day to go over and watch the planes land and take off. Take headphones to wear on the planes so no nervous travelers around you can be heard. Take a favorite CD that you find relaxing and just do your best to make the two hours. Hold DH’s hand and you will be fine. :mickey:


Hey EmpressJenny!

I know you said no stats, but this one is a little different in that it always makes me laugh, which sure helps…And it’s true, too!

–You’re more likely to be kicked to death by a mule than die in an air accident.

Aaaaah!! Killer mules on the loose!! :biggrin: :biggrin: :mickey:


Why should I be afraid to fly out of Logan?

I live less than 3 miles from Logan and I see planes take off and land every single day. I’ve probably seen thousands of planes without incident.

The week of 9/11, even if you flew out of Logan, it was STILL more dangerous to drive than to fly.

I drive to work every day, so why should I be afraid of flying out of Logan?



Don’t drink with Xanax. It will only make you feel more drunk and it might actually diminish the effect that Xanax has on your nerves.

If it makes you feel any better, it’s quite common for adults to form phobias (flying, heights, etc.) of things that were enjoyed as children.

The important thing is to remind youself to remain rational, which is why being aware of statistics and “how does a plane fly anyway” information can be really helpful.

The key to remember is that a grand majority of phobias are irrational and can be triggered by a host of different things. DW has some type of inner ear thing where turbulence makes her feel slightly nauseous and that triggers the fear.

For others, it might be a smell, or an unknown noise.

The physics of flight is actually quite amazing. Did you know that Airbus is in the process of manufacturing planes with 2 floors? Not just a front 2nd-floor cabin like the 747, but a full second floor which goes from the front to the back of the fuselage. It will have a maximum capacity nearly twice that of the 747. Flying is based on good, solid science. The key to conquering the fear of the unknown is to make it known, then you no longer need to fear it.