Flip Flop cake


I saw this and decided I would make this cake. I am by no means a cake decorator but I am happy with the way it turned out.

I have also done a “Disney” cake using a Mickey coookie cutter.


If you’re not a cake decorator, you should be one. Can you imagine what you could do if you’d learn how to? These cakes are totally adorable and well done

I :heart: them :biggrin:


Very cute! You’re very talented! :biggrin:


Great cakes, you have a lot of talent!


Is that brown sugar sand? Great touch!


Love them, they are wonderful!!!


Flip Flop cake…I expected some crazy lopsided (on purpose) cake. :redface:

Looks cute. Did you cut those free hand?


The “sand” is graham cookie crumbs. I printed out a shape of a flip-flop and I had to trim it up a bit to get two of them from a 13X9 cake.


I never would have thought of that.


you did a great job with this babs!


You did a great job! I think they are super cute. :slight_smile:


Love the cakes! My friend made a flip flop cake for my DD last year and she loved it…she used “fruit by the foot” to make the thongs not sure if that is easier than the icing. Just another suggestion for you to consider for your next round of yummy cakes. I wish I could make such lovely things!


The recipe used red licorice (sp?), but I didn’t have any and I wasn’t leaving the house that day, so I used the icing. Fruit by the string is also a great idea.