Flip flops or water shoes?


Which is best flip flops or water shoes at the beaches??


I am a flip flop girl. If there is ANYTHING I took from living in Florida for 12 years it’s that I can LIVE in flip-flops. I honestly just don’t feel the same kinda “foot freedom” in water shoes that I do in flip flops. In my opinion water shoes are like condoms for the sand. (sorry, was that too much for DC) I apologize, but it’s true.


I am a flip flop girl.


FLIP FLOPS, all the way. :cool:


Flip flops, flip flops, flip flops!
And in case you didn’t get that, my answer is flip flops. :tongue:

And Wish, where in the world did you find your avatar? LOL!


Flip flops. What the heck are water shoes? :huh: Are they those little slip-on meshy things? If so… please stay away from those.


Yes, remember AquaSox? Ooh…80’s flashback!


Oh, are they the same thing?! OK… yeah… don’t wear those.

(And this is totally OT, but you said AquaSox. What do I immediately think of? Everett AquaSox - the Mariner’s minor team. :nonono2: I gotta get out more… :pinch: )


flip flops for the beach are a must :slight_smile:


Oh poor Kippage, you are SO obsessed! I love it! It’s not a bad thing, some day you and Matt will be in wedded bliss!

And to keep this OT, yes AquaSox and water shoes are one and the same…and they look oh so hot! :wink:


Flip flops. Hands down (feet down?).


And we’ll make beautiful White/Samoan/American Indian babies. :wub: :wub:

And now that I think about it - are you wanting to wear the shoes IN the water, or just on the shore? I have never been to the beaches on the cruise. I’m not sure if there is a lot of wave action. If there is, flip flops can be difficult to wear in water for the unexperienced (if that applies to you). As ugly as they are, you may do better with the AquaSox ( :blush: ), or those ugly strappy sandal… thingies. LOL, I have no clue what they’re called.


Got to go with the flip flops or the “ugly strappy sandal… thingies” The only time to ear water shoes is if you happen to be at a beach that has a lot of rocks. There aren’t any of those in Florida (if that’s the beaches you were asking about). :biggrin:


Tank tops and flip flops baby…


Another flip flopper here!

:laugh::laugh::laugh: feet down!


Flip flops definitely. Water shoes are hard to get on and end up with sand in them and - just yuck! I agree with CaptShua about rocky beaches, but our town beach has a LOT of rocks, and my kids still don’t want to wear water shoes.


If you’re asking for yourself… definately flip flops!

For kids I’d have to say water shoes. My 7 yr old DD loves to swim but is a little skiddish about what’s on the ocean floor. She doesn’t want to stand up in the water without her water shoes on. She feels like it will keep little fish and crabs from biting her toes! Water shoes are also helpful for walking on the beach when there are jellies. Flip flops sling wet sand on you when you walk along the beach and if you’re walking in the dry/hot sand water shoes are much easier for kids to walk in.


Flip Flops.

Whoever invented those water shoes should be arrested.

But if you’re wondering about Castaway Cay - and wearing those things in the water - you don’t have to worry, because it’s sandy and soft. No rocks - Do you think Disney would allow rocks? :eek:


LOL—okay I think Flip Flops wins the vote :tongue: we will be stopping in Nassau and Castaway Cay so was not sure about the beaches. Personally I am not a water shoe person, flip flops even through the snow—well not really but if I could I probably would. I am sorry but water shoes are just dorky, I thought “if I need to wear them we will get some”. I hate to buy something to wear for 2 days that we will never wear again.


Some of the beaches on the private islands can be a little rocky, so I bring my “aqua socks” The adult only beach on Disney’s is an example of this, but the family beach is all sand.