FLIP or Kodak?


Sorry if I’m posting this in the wrong place - wasn’t quite sure…
So DH has granted my wish & my birthday present (Thursday!!) will be a new video camera ~I’ve only been hinting for about a year!~ I can’t take our bulky Sony HandyCam to the beach & WDW one more time! Enough is enough!! :mad:Unfortunately, he’s so busy with work that he doesn’t have time to do all the research he normally does before making this kind of purchase. So I’m turning to my trusted MBers for help! Since this will be primarily for catching video of my kids at WDW, the beach, little league sports & family gatherings, does anyone have a reccomendation? I’m already sold on the small size, ease of portability & use~ just wanted some feedback from trusted folks who have already bought & used one at WDW!! :heart:


Happy birthday! I have a JVC, and I love it. It is so lightweight for carrying around, and it takes pictures too.


Go over to a site called Cnet. They have reviews of tons of electronics. Take a look at their reviews as well as user reviews.

Good luck!


We have the flip, and it was very handy at WDW! I like that it holds 2 hours of video (approximatly), and that it takes AA batteris - for me, I liked being able to recharge without a cord.


We have the Kodak Playsport. Works out well for us. You can take photos or video with it. It offers 1080HD or lower depending on what you want to do. You get about 20 minutes at 720p per GB. 10 minutes of 1080HD per GB. We use a 8GB memory card and have a 8GB spare card, but it will take up to a 32GB card. Battery lasts about 2 hours. Its waterproof up to 10 feet underwater. Have not done any underwater video, but its nice to know if it gets rained on or splashed on a water ride it doesnt damage it. We love the size since it fits in the palm of your hand, like a large cell phone. The size makes it easy to store when we are at the parks and dont want to use it. I think you would enjoy it!


I hadn’t thought about the water rides~ good point! I had it narrowed down to The Playsport & the one Flip. Is it difficult with the Playsport to download (or upload) the video ~ I mean to a DVD or to Facebook?


My daughter uses it with facebook without any problems. It has built in software to make using it with facebook, youtube and twitter easier. As far as down loading and recording to DVD, you can do this on any computer use the usb cable that is supplied or just take out the memory card and put it in the card reader that comes with it. Aslong as you computer burns DVD’s you should have no problems doing it. It comes with a HDMI cable so you can watch your videos on a HD TV as well. We have had ours a few months now and still have not pulled my hair out, thats got to be a good sign!:laugh:


Thanks for all the feedback & info~ DH ordered me the Kodak Playsport yesterday ~ It should be here by tomorrow:wub: Just in time to try out on our beach vacation!! I need to figure it all out before our return to WDW!! :cool:


Kodak - the best one…


My husband and I both have our own Flip cams. They are awesome, fit in your pocket, the HD picture is AWESOME, the software it comes with is easy to use & fast, and it hooks up to your HDTV at home very easily so you can show family & friends your video.