Looking to purchase a new pair of flip flops to wear to the parks. I have learned that sneakers are sometimes not the most comfortable; however, I want to get input. . . what do you wear on your feet?


Do NOT buy Old Navy flip flops! Only to water parks. Or converse…i learned that the hard way lol


I wear either Nike sports sandals ( same as CM’s at TL and BB wear) or my trainers. Both are very comfortable and great for doing a lot of walking or standing around. DD wears flip flops but they’re not sturdy enough for my old legs!


Well…normally I wear good support sneakers there but last month, I sprained my ankle on the way to the airport and switched. I ended up wearing really comfy Nike sandals the whole week because I couldn’t get the tennis shoe on! I was worried but it was really comfortable. I have had the sandals for a few years and wore them out that week…haven’t been able to find anything like it to replace them. They were made of material similar to crocs but were open strapped sandals…


I normally wear running shoes (very good running shoes), but there are times I switch over to sandals. If I’m going to a water park, if I’m taking out a boat, if it’s really raining and there will be running water and deep puddles (like around Spaceship Earth), or if I’m sure I’m hitting wet rides.
But the last time I was there, I developed some nasty blisters at the extreme end of my heal as I was heading back to the front of the park from Splash. My sandals are Columbia Sportswear (like my shorts) and they are well made. But this points out that there is a potential downside.

I would not wear flip flops in a crowd environment.


I love ‘Ortha-heels’ Stylish flip flops with great arch support. Made for wearing aroung the parks with real comfort. They have a website or order thru QVC.


I wear Nike Celso Girl flip flops to the parks. I find them very comfortable adn you can find them in a lot of colors.


I am just getting ready to buy DH the Orthoheel Boyse sandal for our upcoming trip. He has the flip flops which he likes, but he wants a sandal that straps. Now I gotta plunk down $110:eek: It wouldn’t be so bad if they were for me:laugh:


Thanks! This is what I wore last time. . .and they finally ripped apart (they get a lot of wear and tear). I was thinking I would switch it up . . .but.


I LOVE the Croc Disney Flops sold in the parks. I bought them in August of 2011 and wear them tons! They are perfect for heavy duty park walking as they hav the same support of a sneaker.


I wear Crocs sandals to the parks, too.

DD wears Rainbow flip-flops.


1st choice is Reef Sandals with Croc flipflops as a backup. Neither are that cute but both are very easy on the feet.