Flora, Fauna & Merriweather


Last night, Stu and I watched the Walt Disney Christmas Parade. (I know, a bit late, lol) I noticed that in Disneyland, at least for the parade, Flora, Fauna and & Merriweather were face characters. And they looked amazing!!

I was just reading Val’s TR and saw the picture of F,F & M on the float for the MVMCP parade and they were not face characters.

Does anyone know (Rowdy???) if the trio will be changing at WDW? I know it’s not that big of a deal, but I love the change over to face characters for many others and hope to see the fairy’s smiling faces soon.


I wish I saw the parade so I could have seen that. I missed it again like I do every single year. Why don’t they replay that on the disney channel?? GRRRR


I would love to see them in person. It was so fun to see the wicked stepsisters in action, and I bet F, F & M would be just as great!


I saw that parade and they did look great. I want to be able to meet Tinkerbell


With the Pirate and Princess Party being such a success and F, F & M being such a big part of Magic Music and Mayhaim, I think it would be great for them to be face characters and have meet and greets!!! You can never meet too many characters!!!


That would be a great suggestion for the DC, Why not run programs like that? There is only so much of Zach & Cody that I can watch. (I mean the kids) :laugh: