Florida at night in June?


I have a kind of silly question. I have never been to Florida in June. I know the days are extreamly hot and humid but are the nights the same? Especially during the magic hours when the parks are open really late?
Should I be packing any long sleeved shirts?
I’m from New England so in June even if its 90 and humid during the day, at night you could need a long sleeved shirt.

Thanks =~)


We have had some very nice nights when I could have worn a jacket but I didn’t ‘need’ one. Evenings are usually still pretty warm during the summer.


We have been in June the last 2 years, I would guess it was probably mid to high 80s at night both years. When standing in the crowds for wishes, you can work up a pretty good sweat.


Let’s put it this way… Last summer- every day for us was a 2-3 shower per day due to the heat. It was very hot at the time, and we would go back to the room, or pool… then shower and back to the park- At night, you were so hot and sweaty that you would still want a shower. It could easily be 80 at 10pm-think of that as a hot 80 degrees… You will not need a long sleeved shirt…


Hazy, hot and humid and three words that describe June well. The evenings are still just pretty awful.


We spent 8 nights in WDW in June our last trip and never needed a sweatshirt or a jacket. Very warm.


Native Floridians either go somewhere else for vacation or stay holed up in air conditioned rooms. June, July and August are a rough time of year to go. I feel bad for all the folks that that is the only time they can travel to WDW because of kids, etc.

You will need umbrellas and ponchos though for sure


Florida at night in June = heaven.



And King of Miami I love June, July, and August…By September I’m ready to give in. If I haven’t by the first week of October I’m out of here for a few days. But I love the heat and humidity (just don’t stick me in full sun for to long).


Even though it is very warm in the evenings, we tend to wear long sleeved tees to prevent the Mozzies biting us (which they do in droves- especially me)


I don’t remember having a problem with mosquitoes in the parks in June. Is that really the norm?


No, sorry, should have made that more clear- I meant August for us, even though its still very warm and humid in the evenings, we have to cover up.


Put it this way, I would definitely bring a long sleeve shirt. It is better to have it than not. It is sooo incredibly hot during the day that at night it may feel cool to you with out the sun. Especially if you get to much sun.


Your so right. I think to be on the safe side I’ll just pack a few.

:heart:Thanks everyone for your input!


Second the cool feeling after a hot day. 75-80 can feel down right cool after a hot and humid sunny day. Besides long sleeve shirts I would consider a light jacket also.


Native here, and heck no to the long sleeves. Shoot I didn’t even pack jeans for our July trip in 08. Dh slipped in 2 prs, lord did I laugh at him.:laugh: Only time I get chilly is right out of the pool at night, and that doesn’t last long. I also live further south than Disney in Southwest Florida, 2 hrs south of Tampa so at 85* 110% humidity at 9pm is a wee bit hot even for me. The humidity will suck the breath out of you at times too. Maybe 1 shirt in case you are a person who tends to get cold easily. For my family, nah.

I’m also going in June and there is no long sleeved shirt, jacket, sweats, or jeans on my To Pack list.

BUUUUTTTT…I’d plan an extra outfit or 3. I plan on that since the humidity can kick your butt and you sweat through the cloths on your back by 11am and by 3pm you just want new fresh clothes on. :happy: July 08, July 07, June 06, June 05 all my extra outfits were used by day 4 or 5. Good thing we left on day 4 or 5.


Oh I didn’t even think of EXTRA clothes, because of all the showers.
More shopping YAY!!!