Florida Res Annual/Seasonal


Not sure whether to get the annual or seasonal pass.
It looks like WDW does a nice job with providing
fantastic discounts for Florida Resident annual members.
Anyone have any suggestions?:confused:


If you get a seasonal pass, be very aware of the blackout dates. You may find that you can’t go, or you’ll still have to buy a ticket because you’re in a blackout period, like the summer, Easter, and Christmas.


That is true…but I was also thinking that since I will be living in FL I probably won’t want to go during peak season. So I am still not to sure what to do.


with the seasonal pass, not only do you have blackout days, you also have to pay for parking. we opted for the fla. ann. pass, as we go 2-3 times a week.


Hi there. Wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve been on here. Lots of new people…how fun.

Just wanted to put my 2 cents in. LOL. What we did was this. We are a family of four that live in FL and don’t like going when it’s really crowded - why would you if you live here? LOL.

But anywho. What we’ve done the past 3 years is buy 1 annual pass ( that get’s you your free parking, discounts, and specials) and 3 seasonal passes. It has worked out great for us. The difference you pay for the one annual pass is made up if you go a couple times and would have had to pay parking.

Hope that helps a little.


I just Love loop-holes!! :pirate:


That is such a great idea. I never thought about doing that. I looked at the blackout dates…and yes those are the times I wouldn’t go so it makes sense!!! Thanks so much for your wonderful advice!!!


We have had the seasonal pass for the past 3 years and it works out for us. We found a way around the parking cost and we have never gone during peak times.

I think LuvWDW has a great plan. I AP and the rest SPs. I think you really need to decide what works best for your family and figure out if the black out dates are an issue.

Good luck on your decision.


Remember if you are staying on-site you get free parking.


Or if you go to eat at a resort. You can park there and take the transportation around WDW.

The seasonal breaks down like this. It is probably the best way to go. The black out dates are during the major peak times. If you aren’t planning a Christmas or New Years trip, then it works out well. Living in Florida, you definitely know that it is very hot during the summer blackouts.

Now… I’ve been an AP holder for quite some time. We love to go for New Years. Seriously, nothing beats the fireworks shows on New Years at Disney. Heck, the MK even does Fantasy in the Sky on New Years Eve and the day before!!! You can only see that show four time a year (other is the 3rd and 4th of July). You’ll never get to see that show on the Seasonal.

What it really breaks down to is… Are you going to use the AP during the holidays? If not, get the Seasonal. There are always loop holes around parking. And even if you pay for parking, it’s not that bad. If you go enough and have a few people in the family, the buy one AP and get the rest as SPs isn’t a bad idea either.