Florida residents and Disney discounts


i was just curious as to what kind of discount do florida residents get when visiting WDW? i would like to know the discounts for hotels (value, moderate, and delux), park tickets and if there are discounts for other things, like food and souvenirs. thanks guys for the help.


In my experience, Fl. resident discounts are pretty good. As far as hotels go, they are similar to AP discounts. We get discounts on 1 day tickets and annual passes, plus they offer us 3 day pass deals. No souvenir discounts that I kow of, and as far as dining goes, we can buy the DDE and get 20% off most sit down meals in the parks and hotels.


thanks tiggerfan for your help. i appreciate it. is there a percentage on the discount for the hotels? i don’t remember what they were when we had the AP. i do know about the DDE, which i still have. what kind of discounts do you get for the annual passes? what is the difference compared to someone, like me, who is out of state?


Tragic, I tried to to go to the WDW offical site and copy the info for you, but for some reason it wouldn’t work. You can go to that site and go to Florida resident . After you do that it will ask you for a florida zip code. Try 33455. Then it will give you all the info. It gives you charts to compare. As far as hotels, right now they are offering $64.00 per night for a value. What is the deal for Ap holders?


AllEars also has a ticket price comparison. Florida rates are about half way down. As far as I remember, tickets are just a few dollars cheaper than regular prices. Nothing spectacular. http://allearsnet.com/pl/ticketchart.htm

Couldn’t tell ya about AP or DDE.


We bought Fl. res. Prem. Ap 's and they were about $100 less than regular price.

Victoria, thanks for posting that chart. I knew it was around somewhere.


thank you guys for the help. i really appreciate it.