Florida Residents


Many of you that live in Florida have season passes.
For those of you that don’t AAA is offering
3 day Play Pass with the 4th day free for
$122.50. It is a great deal. The
offer is good until Feb 28th I believe.


WOW that is a great deal. Thank you for posting the information. I am certain someone will be able to take advantage of it.:heart:


Just want to make sure that all of you are aware it is only available to Florida Residents. If you go to www.aaasouth.com


Limited Time Offer for Florida Residents:

  4 Theme Parks, 4 Days, only $125 plus tax! - Enjoy four days of fun with the Disney Play 4 Days Pass for the exceptional price of only $125 plus tax (available 1/1 - 2/29/08)! This special pass provides admission to one of the four Walt Disney World Theme Parks per day for four days.

I got this offer e-mailed to me. I don’t know if this is the same deal or not, this is through WDW.com though, not AAA.

Both deals sound pretty good though.


It sounds like the same deal. It is only valid for 6 months after first use date. You can also get hopper added on plus no expire tickets as well


Yes it is an awsome deal. I will get it this trip. I can use 3 days now and have an excuse to go bak and use my last day within six months. Lif is good.


Just remember to purchase your tickets between now and end of February. It really is such a good deal. The price is really incredible. It’s really like the Ticketds are only 32.00 per day. That is incredible! Have fun!


This is a great deal. We are Seasonal Pass holders so we do not need it but I did pass it along to my sister.