Florida trip June 22nd - July 6th


Okay, I thought it was about time I posted this, as I’ve been back nearly a week now. Just been so busy since getting back.

[B]Day One:[/B] The flight went quite well. Very excited to be on our way, and the 8 hours 30 minutes went quite fast :happy: the anti-sickness tablets worked well too, so that was good! So we got there, and even though we were glad to finally arrive, the non-stop rain meant it just didn’t feel like Florida! :crying: We hoped though that maybe the rain would stop the next day, and Mr Sunshine would come out ready for our first full day.

[B]Day Two:[/B] So we didn’t wake up to heavy rain, which was good, but the weather was quite overcast (must have been around 78 degrees though). The fact that it was dry at least meant we could follow our itinerary and go to Islands of Adventure. This day was one of my highlights because when we got there, I finally braved The Hulk. It felt amazing to overcome my fear of upside down roller coasters!

  • Me & Carl happy because we braved The Hulk!!

  • My goodies from Harry Potter world!!

[B]Day Three: [/B]After yesterday’s fun-filled day, we expected to wake up to a slightly less cloudier day, and much more sun. We had Magic Kingdom planned for this day, but when we woke up around 7.30am, the rain was on again. We decided to wait an hour at the most, and if the rain had gone off we’d get ready for MK. However, an hour later there was no change. Begrudgingly, we decided the best option was to go shopping in the mall, so we went to Mall at Millenia (we got soaked even walking from the car to the entrance!) It was nice to shop, but for me, the parks are the best part of the trip, so it felt a little early to be shopping!

[B]Day Four:[/B] After watching the weather on the TV the previous night, which predicted heavy rain for a whole WEEK of our trip, our spirits were really low. We woke up to the rain again, and due to it showing no sign of going off, we had no choice but to go shopping again. So we set off for the Florida Mall.

[B]Day Five:[/B] After two full days of non-stop rain (we’ve been around this time before and never seen rain like it!) we knew after two Mall days we had to do a park, even in the rain. It seems Hurricane Debby laid off a bit this day though, and although it was still raining on and off, the sun came out lots! We got our thinking caps on and all decided on Hollywood Studios, with the logic that most, if not all of it is indoors so we can always escape the rain! We were determined not to let the rain get us down now, and I really needed my Disney fix! :laugh: We got to HS and went straight to Toy Story Mania. When we’ve been before we’ve never been able to get a FP, but this time we did, and we had loads of fun! We also Fastpassed Rock n Roller Coaster, and I forgot how much I love it! Another highlight was One Man’s Dream. Though we’ve been three times before, we’ve never been in there… and it was absolutely amazing! So interesting and we took lots of pics!

[B]Day Six: [/B]The rain was clearing up, with only showers a few times a day at this point. We were so glad to see the back of Debby! Universal Studios was today’s adventure. A bit of a disappoint though, was when my sister’s bf got in the queue for Rip Ride Rockit (I chickened out!) and we must have waited about an hour for him… only to find it had broken down! It was off all day, so we done what we could. The queues were okay-ish (around 30 mins for The Mummy). Could have been worse. All-in-all it was a fun day! :laugh:

[B]Day Seven:[/B] Sea World today. When we arrived, I thought I may go on Manta, but decided the whole looking down thing scared me too much. I did however, brave Kraken TWICE (and I thought the bravery vanished after The Hulk!). I was proud of myself as years ago I would have never thought I’d be able to go on these rides!! Such a thrill when you do! :laugh:

[B]Day Eight: [/B]The weather was starting to clear up a lot at this point. It seems like it went from one extreme to another. Days with non-stop rain, and then scorching days with not a drop of rain! We weren’t gonna complain though, cos this meant we could finally go where we wanted to now. We took a rest day today, shopping in Premium Outlets, but when we came back to the villa for a rest, we realised the water had been turned off in the villa. We decided on Downtown Disney late afternoon. After dinner in House of Blues (which was delicious!), a LOT of shopping and Disney Quest, it was about 11pm and we were ready for bed! (Good thing our villa was a quick 10 minute drive from Disney!).
When we arrived in the villa that night, still no water in the villa. We felt so horrible not being able to shower the next day, but luckily when we phoned the management they arranged another villa for us within about an hour.

[B]Day Nine: [/B]The new villa was better than the last! We didn’t want to leave this one, but were just hoping the water would be back on when we arrived back (this was Sat and we were due to go back the following Mon, but had to go back Tues as we had a full day in Discovery Cove planned for Mon!) So anyway… after unpacking everything into the new villa (we only took what we needed rather than a whole suitcase full of stuff) we decided to go to Epcot. I forgot how much I love Epcot, and arriving made me remember. Though the weather started off around 90, by early afternoon it must have been almost 100 degrees, definitely our hottest day of the holiday.

[B]Day Ten: [/B]We hit Animal Kingdom today. We arrived and the queues were fine around the entrance, but near EE we could not move for people! We had a FP for EE for around 4.00pm, but when we’d finished everything we wanted to around 3.00pm we thought we may as well wait in the 40 minute queue for it as we’d be on and off before we were due to go on with the FP!! As well as EE, the other highlight for me however, having never seen it before was Finding Nemo: The Musical. Such a fantastic show!
Getting back the parking lot was a relief, but we did have a fiasco when we couldn’t find the car for a good 20 minutes! standing in the blazing sun for this long when you’re exhausted as well is NOT good! At least we can laugh about it now!

[B]Day Eleven: [/B]Discovery Cove day! We were all so excited. Something completely new for us. A nice, relaxing day was in order too. We arrived and were booked in for a dolphin swim at 2.30pm. We went for breakfast and decided to go explore. The first pool we got to was the Freshwater pool. It had Stingrays in, and after taking about two steps into the pool, seeing a Stingray move past me in the water, I screamed and got out! (I’m such a scaredy cat! :pinch:) So deciding this pool was not for me, we walked down to the Wind-Away river and spent the rest of the morning snorkeling in there, which was really fun!
Lunch was around 1.00pm, plently in time for our dolphin swim at 2.30. (My sister and I were relieved to see a veggie burger on the menu!) Then all I can say about the dolphin swim is it was ABSOLUTELY amazing. Such a beautiful experience, I’d urge anybody to do it. Everybody there is so helpful as well.
Though the sand was VERY hot, it was such a nice play to walk around, and knowing everything is included in the price was so nice. They thought of everything, from breakfast, lunch and unlimited drinks to towels, dolphin friendly sun screen, goggles and a snorkel. All you need to do is turn up in your swimming costume really!

  • Possibly my favourite picture of the holiday!!

[B]Day Twelve: [/B]As we had MK planned for the next day, we used this day as our final shopping day. Having over-estimating how much money I’d need, I ended up with about $300 left at this point! (I treated myself to some Dior perfume!)
Also, because of the trouble we had with the villa, the company gave us compensation in the form of a $75 gift card for Olive Garden, which we used that night.

-Yum yum!

[B]Day Thirteen: [/B]Magic Kingdom. Finally! I don’t know why we left it until last, or until we left it until 4th July, but we did! Once we arrived we raced for the train, getting off by Splash Mountain, we Fastpassed this and decided to wait the 20 minutes for Big Thunder Mountain. After a bit of cooling off on SM, we walked around to Pirates of the Caribbean to see a 10 minute wait time! Haunted Mansion was the same. We didn’t have to wait for Philar Magic and we were happy to get all these done before lunchtime. Lunch was in Cosmic Rays (as it has been every time we’ve been to MK, because they do veggie burgers, hoorah!) before moving around to Space Mountain. Having had good luck with the queues thus far, it became obvious why that was when we got to SM. The stand-by queue was 100 minutes, so we headed straight for the FP!
After waiting 30 minutes for the Laugh Floor, we were about an hour away from our FP time for SM, deciding to sit down for a drink, that is when the rain started. And it didn’t stop! for at least an hour anyway. We were hiding under Cool Ship cafe’s cover for about an hour while it got progressively heavier! Walking over to SM, we were quite disheartened by the CM telling us the ride had broken down! and the same went for Buzz. Not knowing how long they’d be off for, we decided to walk down Main Street and look in a few shops for presents. On our way, we didn’t let the rain stop us getting a few snaps by the castle! even if it was in the rain!

  • A very wet MK!

[B]Day Fourteen: [/B]So it was our final full day, in which we spent the morning in Typhoon Lagoon (I LOVE the wave pool!!) before enjoying a BK (why is everything so much tastier in the US?) and then going home to make a start on our packing :crying: We’d had so much fun, I just didn’t want to come home! Our final meal was TGI Fridays, where we treated ourselves to a three course meal each! :happy:

[B]Day Fifteen:[/B] Home time! Was not looking forward to the flight home. One reason was because of the possible travel sickness, another being the prospect of going home! We had a two hour delay coming home, but nevertheless it all went quite smoothly. We said goodbye to Florida and landed in a surprisingly sunny Manchester (it was only 7am though).

So it was a holiday controlled by the weather, particularly in the beginning. We had lots of fun though, some new experiences, roller coasters, swimming with dolphins… Fun fun fun! :laugh:

If you have read all of this… I apologise for how long it was and thank you for reading! :heart:


I thought about you that week with all the rain…I’m sorry that Debby decided to hang around and drench you…:(. It sounds like you made the best of the situation…

I’ve been to WDW when it rained off and on most days but never a deluge for days on end! I think you all did quite well under the circumstances!


Mel, loving your TR and welcome back,good to see you and glad you had a great time- but none of the photos will open for me?


So sorry about the rain! But it sounds like you had a wonderful time in spite of it! Thanks for the report!:happy:


Great TR! Sorry for all the rain. Can’t open any of the pics either.


Blech - the rain. So sorry about that. We just have no control over the dang weather.

I am glad you posted a trip report. I’ll move it to the Trip Report forum :wink:


I am glad that over all you had a magical vacation. My parents were there during the worse of it. It rained all of about 1 day of their entire Disney vacation. So sorry you got stuck in some of that too! Thanks for the report and the pictures!


Hmm, I wonder why the pictures won’t open. How strange.
Thank you guys anyway, we did make the best of the situation, and had an amazing time!!


We normally go during the drier seasons, but September is hurricane season. We’ve been buying swimwear that passes as shorts and tanks. We will go to the parks rain or shine.


Yes. We made the mistake of not buying ponchos as well for around the parks. Was still lots of fun despite the rain though! :laugh: