Flower and Garden Festival - How much time?


Hi everyone!
Haven’t posted in a long time but have been lurking. My dd7 and I will be spending 3 1/2 days at WDW at the end of March and will be able to go to the Flower and Garden Festival for the first time. How much time should we allow for this? I’m thinking 1 1/2 days at MK, and Epcot, and 1/2 day at HS. We’ll be back in June for a week so not trying to do it all in 3 1/2 days.



F&GF is in EPCOT and unless you are going to attend a bunch of seminars, allow what you normally allow yourself for EPCOT. Your DD will love the maze garden and Minnie’s butterfly tent. The Topiaries are amazing and of course all the flowers. France has the perfume garden where there are sniff boxes. American Adventure has the Flower Power concerts too that are fun to take in. They also have a scavenger hunt for the topiaries that is fun for the kids.


I got my first taste of the F&G Festival last year; I’m sorry I didn’t have more time - it was wonderful. The topiaries at Epcot are amazing. (my favourite were the animals of the Chinese calendar made out of seeds - they were amazing!) It was so cold when I was there that the butterflies refused to fly! They were all huddled up in the tent, shivering. Unless you’re really into gardening and all the lectures, etc., you can enjoy the gardens and topiaries leisurely while walking around Epcot; I’d say a morning or afternoon…


That about the correct time amount, but I would probably pass on HS and go to either MK or Epcot in June, unless you tend to get to HS really early to get into Toy Story then I would head back to the other two parks.


I have to agree. Spend the majority of your time in MK and Epcot. The rest will be there in June. Unless your DD insists on going to HS or AK, skip it.


The topiarys at Epcot are amazing!!! We’ll be there at the same time!!


I agree and disagree with the above suggestions. I would plan to spend more time in EPCOT becuase it is so awesome. Several times we had to stop and admire the work they do with the flowers. And it is everywhere you look.


Boss is right. (and you have no idea how hard it is for me to admit that.:laugh:)

Epcot is just awesome.