Flower pot opinions


Ok, I’m about as un-crafty and one could get but I had an idea while we were at WDW and I finally tried it today.

I bought a new car last spring and lost my antennae and the toppers that went with it. :crying: I have a whole bag of mostly unused topper so I thought of a way I could use them. Keep in mind this is my first ever craft project–what do you think?


Here’s a close up of the toppers.


That is SUPER cute!!! we went to WDW last march & I got a tink topper & when we got home I got a new car that didnt have an antennae :glare:
i have my little fairy on a stick in a plant next to my desk now :happy:. now i can see her all the time!! :happy:


Very cute!!! I love it!! What a great idea!! :happy:


Really cute DT!! Love it!!

FYI they make a topper holder you can stick to your dash board

The Antenna Ball Store - Antenna Balls & Antenna Toppers


Oh, you’re so cute. That looks great!


What a great idea!! Would you mind if I borrowed your idea?


it’s adorable!


Well that made me giggle. My Mom has the same pot that she got at the Flower and Garden show. I think I’m going to start mysteriously adding one topper at a time to it when she’s not looking. That should be fun. Thanks for the idea!


Not at all! I hope you show me your pot when you’re done.


Thanks everyone!!

I’m so NOT crafty so this was a big step for me. I was thinking about painting the sticks green but in the end I just left them plain wood. I think I’ll add more to it as I see more topper I just have to have. I have a lot more but they are mostly holiday themed that I can change out with seasons.


That will be fun!


That was great! Was this ur first one? Looks so professional


Like the others, I think it is adorable!


This way, no one will steal them off your car. Or, if you have a car without an antenna… you can still enjoy the toppers. Thanks for the idea.


This is so cute!! Good way to admire them all instead of having no use for them, i love the Mickey head with the blue wizard hat :slight_smile:


Steph…step away from the antenna topper bins. You have enough already. :laugh:

What were you thinking? Sell the car and get one with an antenna!


Thanks everyone. Like I said, I’m not a craft person so this was a real stretch fir me. I think I’ll take this to school and put it on a table in my classroom. I have Disney/Mickey stuff all over my room so this will fit right in.


DT this is a wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing.


[QUOTE=rlcarmichael;1043507]Steph…step away from the antenna topper bins. You have enough already. :laugh:

What were you thinking? Sell the car and get one with an antenna![/QUOTE]

Trust me, the topper problem was big issue for me. I held off on getting a new car for about two years because none of the cars I looked at could sport a topper. I think I was the saddest buyer the sales guy had ever had. It wasn’t just the topper but that was part of it. I loved my last car, isn’t that weird? I have a good car now, it just isn’t the same w/o a topper.