"Flushed Away" takes a crack at Nemo


today, we had a class trip to the mall to see “Monster House.” i’ve been really busy with work and school lately that i forgot to post i got a job at a local day care.

anywho… one of the trailers that was shown today was for “Flushed Away”, a new dreamworks movie. one scene showed a mouse flushed down the toilet and traveling through the sewer system when an orange fish is caught by the mouse and he asks, “have you seen my father?” the fish didn’t look like a clown fish but you just know that it was shot at Nemo.

i just thought i would give you all a heads up if you see this trailer.


Of course they do. They need to reference Disney in order to sell there film.

Isn’t it “odd” that Disney doesn’t have the need to bash the other studios to sell its products. :closedeye


cracks at other movies are fine in my opinion…even disney movies. It’s all in good fun. Shrek took many cracks at disney films and it made me laugh. That doesn’t mean I don’t like the disney movies. It just means that I have a sense of humor…lol It’s no different from me laughing at myself when I fall in public or something stupid like that.


Here is the trailer:

Apple - Trailers - Flushed Away


Don’t get me wrong, I can handle the banter. I love that Brother Bear sneaked Nemo into the fishing net to be eaten. I love how Tantor & Turk scream “oh, the horror” as they see Mrs. Potts & chip. I just think it’s kind of cheap when it’s done by another company.

But, then, I was the guy in the 1990’s who would only use Sprint, because AT&T and MCI were using negative advertising to smear each other.


How was Monster House? It looks like it will be good.


I think we saw that trailor when we went to see over the hedge…


monster house is a really good movie. i think the house is scary for kids under 5 years of age, but it’s really good.

it is kind of silly to compete with your competitors by throwing a character into your movie that is from your competitior’s movies and make a joke out of it, but like dana, you have to have a sense of humor. you can’t take things so seriously and get offended. i’m not offended at all. i thought it was cute when the fish asked the mouse if he saw his father. i just wanted to give everyone the heads up if they see this trailer.


The thing that makes it so funny is that Disney is SO above all that. Disney doesn’t need to do it. I think it’s ironic that these competitiors have to take pot shots at disney to get more funny in. Disney is just funny cause it is…that’s the funny part of it all. I love to laugh and have no problem making fun of myself or laughing at people who are politely making fun of me. Disney is no different. Isn’t mocking and poking fun the best compliment in a comedy?


Dana, you have a whole lot of post.


Do you happen to have a video of that last thing?:huh:


Girl, if I had a video of that, I would totally post it…who can resist that? I fell in work one day unloading a truck and was laughing so hard that I nearly puked! LOL I think that people who cannot laugh at themsevles are just miserable people.


Haha! Yeah, I have to laugh at myself or else I’d be mad all the time! I’m so clumsy there’s no way I couldn’t laugh at it!


I am going to get my DD to call you. She is SO clumsy…it’s to hysterical. I should be ashamed for laughing at her the way I do, but how can I help it. The kid trips on air…lol


Haha! Sounds like she should be my daughter! I actually tripped up the stairs yesterday, how clumsy is that??


Sara litterly tripped on air at the store the other day…its was hysterical. She trips up and down the stairs on a weekly basis…constant comedy here…lol


Haha! Ya know, we always say we don’t even know what we did for entertainment before we had kids! Well, I guess we kinda do…:blush: