Fly and drive?


I was thinking about flying into Ft Lauderdale and driving into orlando. I like to get in early and all the flights from LGA to MCO are expensive and if I want to get it any cheaper I would have to transfer and get in about 4:00pm.

I found a flight on Spirit air for $79 and I can rent a car for $40. I would end up arriving in Orlando around noon. I can get a cheap enough flight out of MCO home, so this would only be one way.

Is this the closest airport to Orlando? ( i hear about 3 1/2 hours away)
Is this idea crazy?
Can I take my rental into MCO and still use Magic Express?

Thank you.


I think Tampa is closer. Can you fly in there? Ft. Lauderdale is a bit of a hall.


I didnt even think of Tmapa, thank you.

How far is Jacksonville?


I checked on Jet Blue and I may just go with them. It’s just that I may not be able to book my flight right away so Im afraid of the airfare getting higher as we get closer.


You have to fly into MCO to use DME but you can turn your rental car in at WDW so that’s not even an issue. National/Alamo has a rental office near the Magic Kingdom (the car care center) and at the Dolphin. I have heard that you can get a ride to your resort from the rental office near MK but I haven’t done it so I don’t know first hand. If you return your car the the Dolphin you can walk to Epcot of take a bus to any park from the resort. That seems faster than going to the airport, returning the car, going to DME, chcking in, waiting for a bus, going to WDW.


Obviously, Orlando is closest, Tampa second, Jacksonville third, Lauderdale fourth and Miami last. Getting from Tampa International to Disney is a walk in the park. Fort Lauderdale to Disney isn’t difficult but not exactly the easiest either.

When you factor in over 200 miles from Lauderdale to Disney, about 1/2-3/4 of a tank of gas, tolls for the Turnpike and the cost of the rental car, are you sure it’s not just cheaper to fly right to Orlando? If not, I’d try everything in your power to go to Tampa. It’s about a 75 mile trek with no tolls and once you get to I-4 it’s a 62 mile straight shot right to the exit for Disney.


Those rates were really good, though. $79??? I’ve never heard of such a thing!!! There’s no way you could get that going to Orlando.


I would look for a rental agency that does not charge you an arm and a leg for the one way trip… :pirate:

I used to fly into LAX and depart out of Long Beach. Loved it when there was no charge… :wub:


I was worng on my first search to MCO, the cheapest I can find is actually $349 with Jet Blue. I have been searching one ways with each airline to see which ones work out the best.

I also found a flight on delta to tampa for $89 after taxes, etc. and then I can rent a car for appx $40. For the return flight I can use jetblue for $159. I think the total pp would be $260 before the car rental.

The reason why im leaning towards the car rental route from tampa is to be able to stop and get some food and beer for the week, mostly beer for the room.

But Im still kicking it around…but it seems like these rates keep gettin higher.


You should check Jetblue now, they are having a fall sale…I fly Jetblue from Newark to MCO and to Miami(when I see my Dad). I pay about $69-$79 ew, When are you going? My DH loves Jetblue because of the Direct tv and XM radio.


Just paid $169 for 3 people going down to MCO…I did have a $69 credit to make it that low. So it was $207 before credit, which is still great for 3 people. Coming back to EWR it was 298.98 for 3. :happy: 155.67 per person rt :heart: I love that Jetblue has a sale everytime I am going somewhere.


The dates and time im looking to go are all pretty $$$ from JFK, LGA, or Newark. I had to adjust my desired times to save some dough. It looks the week after I saw a bunch of flights for $69 and $89

Im going Aug 26 - Sep 2


so, what did you get? what did you decide to do?


I ended up taking delta on the 26th. The flight out of LGA is direct to MCO for $99 (about $115 after fees and taxes.) I checked every airport and every config, this one came up late tuesday. Either I missed it our the flight was added recently. It leaves at 7:50am and gets in around 10:43.

My return flight is with Southwest. It cost $181. I prefer to leave muuch later in the day, that way I can atleast get a half if not full day before leaving. My freind had to be home a little earlier becasue he has to head out to his work on sunday the 2nd. So I booked a flight that leaves around noon and gets in around five. It has one layover in DC which I dont mind to much.

It ends up costing around $300 round trip which is not crazy, I have gone for much less and much more to disney. I was just so shocked when I saw the prices the following week were so much less. I really had to search this time, some of the flights had some crazy kayover locations and times. A few would transfer in Ohio and some were even in Kansas. Another had a layove in texas.

I was going to wait a little longer before booking the flight but like I said, $300 is not the end of the world, just feel like it was lot more work this time.


Wow thats a good deal! You did good!


sounds like a decent deal tho! and, i always have that buyers regret - you know where the amazing deal is just around the corner, after i buy the tix. I have made myself not go back and see if its on sale afterwards, just to keep my from being upset about missing the deal.

prices flucuate so much, its hard to know when to grab it and when to wait. sounds like you got a good one tho!


Lorton is the next closest, then Tampa, then Jacksonville.


Fly, I am driving this year and not happy. :crying:


Why are you not happy?


I drive EVERY time. Sometimes I use the auto train which is fun