Flying, drving, now flying again


Wow, went from planning to fly out on Dec. 8th. Then we changed to fly and arrive on Dec 11th bc of free dining. Then we decided to drive half way on Dec 10th and arrive on on Dec 11th bc flights were not going to get us there early enough in the day and I thought I could save a little by renting a car and driving plus getting us to Disney early in the morning. Now, after much thought and number crunching, we are flying out late on Dec 10th, staying one night at little mermaid AoA and then switching to WL for the rest of the trip. Cost me a whopping 150 bucks more and we get the whole day for the parks. I asked for a value resort for the night we arrive just bc we need a place to crash and the cm suggested AoA. Figured what the heck, give it a looksee. Don’t expect to see much of it since we are getting there very late at night, but I’m sure we will stroll around in the morning. Well, feels like the boulder is off my back now. Whew.


It is good to get those decisions made and reservations done! Now you can get to the real planning. Congratulations.


Planning time!


I am happy that all is settled for you and you can being the fun of planning.


That kinda planning sounds like me. Back and forth till I am satisfied. Glad you got it all figured out.