Flying Fish- not worth 2 TS credits


We had a nice meal this weekend at Flying Fish, however it was not worth 2 TS credits. I really didn’t check the menu (and prices) before I made ADRs. When I compared receipts with the 1 credit restaurants, I realized it was not worth “wasting” the extra credits. We had to pay OOp for our last dinner at Sanaa (which wasn’t very expensive).


what did you have?


I had the scallops which were wonderful. My husband and son had the tuna (very good), my youngest had mickey mouse pasta alfredo (kids menu) and our friend had the orechiette pasta frutti de mare (very good). The meal itself was very good, but the final bill amount didn’t seem to warrant two TS credits.


I’ve always wanted to try Flying Fish as DH, our girls and I all love seafood (DS won’t touch it :laugh:). Thanks for your review. Maybe we’ll just consider paying OOP if we go there.


Interesting. I would pay 3 credits to eat at the Flying Fish. They have this incredible cheese appetizer and the yellow fin tuna tartar and a couple of other really well made dishes. I would eat there every night. I love seafood :blush:


It’s O.K. but I agree it’s not worth 2 T.S.


This is why I always tell everyone to do their homework and do their math!
All of the two credit restaurants aren’t really worth two credits unless you get the most expensive entrees. This is part of a larger trend where the single credit places generally now have no entree that breaks the $28 mark and they average around $23. Additionally, the two credit places’ menus have also seen some downward pressure on prices as well.
This is just another reason why the deluxe dining plan is often the better value because you get appetizers with your meal and some appetizers can add $18 to your bill at the signatures.
By the way, I just looked at the menu for Flying Fish and only Orecchiette Pasta Frutti di Mare is under $32 ($28) and the strip steak is $42. So, if you got the steak and a $9 dessert, plus your $3 beverage, you’re at $57.78 including tax. Divide that by two and that is about what the average meal at a single credit place would cost.

If you’re going to complain that you didn’t get two credits worth after the fact, you’ve got nobody to blame but yourself for not doing your homework, I’m sorry to say.


I’ve never tried Flying Fish but I agree with doing the math. Back when I got to go to WDW and actually do the dining plan I loved looking at the menus and adding up what a meal would cost OOP. I picked my ADRs based on how much bang for my buck I was going to get. It was my first time getting to try any of the places so I wasn’t stuck on any actual place yet. But yeah I totally was into doing the math and I really got a lot of great food and experiences for what we paid.


Totally agree! This place is WONDERFUL but I would pay OOP (again).



That’s why I admitted to not really checking the menu prices- as a recommendation to others. I don’t think that I was complaining, just stating that I discovered that the value didn’t warrant 2 credits. It was an enjoyable dinner, so we would dine there again yet pay OOP


Next time try the scallop dish- our server recommended it and I was glad he did.


So next time PM me before hand and ask for my guidance:rolleyes:

Sorry if my earlier post was a little harsh.


[QUOTE=Soundgod;1048605]So next time PM me before hand and ask for my guidance:rolleyes:

Sorry if my earlier post was a little harsh.[/QUOTE]

It wasn’t harsh - I beat myself up about it for sure! I’m usually such a good planner that I was annoyed at myself :dry: At least it was a very nice dinner.


It’s not so bad Leslie. Live & Learn right. The only way to find out these places aren’t worth the credits is to give 'em a try. We’ve never tried a 2 credit meal in the 5 years we’ve been using the dining plan because we just haven’t seen any of them worth 2 TS credits to us. I’m sure most of the meals are fabulous, but Wolfgang Puck is fabulous to me. :wink:

I definately wouldn’t beat yourself up over it. I don’t hold my self responsible for anything that happens on my vacation. Now if i did something like that at home it would bother me.

“Why did i spend $150 on that shoe leather steak dinner when i could have spent $15 on two Value meals at McDonald’s”!:ohmy:


“Why did i spend $150 on that shoe leather steak dinner when i could have spent $15 on two Value meals at McDonald’s”!:ohmy:[/QUOTE]

Two value meals for $15?!!
That’s $7.50 a piece.
Where’s the value?
When I had my first McDonald’s hamburger, it cost me $.20 and lunch for two cost about $2, if even that much.


You’re right Doug. 2 Angus Third Pounder Large Value Meals is about $13.00 here in Troy, NY. That’s insanity. I’m 45 and i can still remember the days you could buy a cheeseburger, small fry & a small soda and get change back from $1.

In those days if you got a $10 book of Gift Certificates you could eat for weeks. Now, it’s barely 1 meal. :angel: